Need an Alliance


Well, the thread title says it all.

New player, but keen to learn. Unfortunately I've reached the point where I've had enough of just being rolled by bigger players and their alliances. (Most similar games I've played previously only allow wars between nations of similar size, rather than walkovers for large nations, but I guess this is different). So I guess I need to join an alliance as soon as I can, otherwise this all seems rather pointless as it's not possible to defend yourself individually.

Anyway, I'm in Ocean 74, hope someone can help.



Mr Muay-Thai

Firstly welcome to the forums & game.

Secondly try messaging members of the bigger alliances in your ocean. That's always a good place to start and it can bridge friendships for the future. :)

Good luck.


You're to far way from me...

Imagine as the song, it gets funny