Need Names For People Against 2.0


Well, the results of my survey came in.

The Question was: What did you vote on the upgrade to 2.0?

28 people were surveyed.

In the Greek Empire Alliances these are the results:

Upgrade to 2.0 3 Votes (10,71%)
Don't upgrade to 2.0 14 Votes (50,00%)
I didn't vote 11 Votes (39,29%)

:pro: we can say these results are fair based on the diversity of the Greek Empire Alliances. We can see that more people didn't vote than voted to upgrade to 2.0! Ash can confirm this. I will not mock innogames or the mods, all I will say is that the results don't represent most members of every 1.2x world. To test this, we should open a 1.2x world and a 2.0 world simultaneously. Then we can see who attracts more members, and therfore is more popular. I'm not saying innogames is wrong, I'm just saying that Omicron is not the best world to upgrade. We should upgrade on a basis of world by world.

Again, there are two sides to a coin and two sides to every story. However, the lack of voting shouldn't be counted either way, yes or no. If Innogames, counted all of the abstentions as votes to upgrade, I fully agree with the results. If inno didn't count them either way, I don't believe the results. I'm not accusing innogames of counting the abstentions as yes nor am I saying they did nothing with the abstentions. All I'm saying is that my Alliance survey doesn't uphold Inno's results. I expected the internal poll to be very close, but I was surprised at the lack of people who voted in inno's poll.

We should take another survey on a world basis. This will aid in the process of calming some people. I haven't used gold since the survey completion in protest. Now I'm starting to see Inno's stance. I'm not trying to accuse anyone or any company of rigging the survey. If it sounds like that than I apologise in advance. We can make another world survey and this can help calm down many of the critics of the survey. This will probably clear innogames of any accusations of bias that I am starting to think have some truth and some lies in them. I'm not accusing inno of wrongdoing, just stating the facts I've gathered.