New Alliance in O-76 is recruiting


New Alliance in O-76 is recruiting "Unity of Saints"

We are Unity of Saints!

Unity of Saints is an alliance that stands for equality, good-will and the learning & teaching of strategies, strengths & positiveness for grand game play. We only accept these standards from all members. We are in Ocean 76, so we prefer the same if possible. We are recruiting active players over 600 points. You must be active at least 5 days a week. Or jump in points by at least 100 per week.

"Those that are kind shall receive the same light. Those that are beneath may & shall embark on a dark we keep at bay. Don't confuse our kindness for being inferior. We have our druthers but can & will sway to circumstance in a very superior way. This will be the way so we welcome all from all as long as you honor this code."

Please message us for entrance if you agree with the above. Have fun, 4
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