New alliance ocean 38


Alliance Name:

Based in ocean 38

were ranked 4th in ocean 38 with 156784pts

Mainly players who like to play and are not scared to fight when need to or jump ship if they lose a city or 2.
MUST BE ACTIVE (thats essantial)

OCEAN 38 is boaring and im hear to try change that, i have a plan and a vision which i cant say in public but join us and be part of it, it will only be fun

Space Available:
Im not sure thats the truth

In-Game Contact:
please contact myself for any questions about what Virus is all about or even to join :)

thanks for taken the time to read this and if i only get 1 player to join from doing this then this will be a success for me.
:pro: and i love it.


exactly what ETA needs. new alliances and players. wish u and ur new alliance GL.

Melkor Bauglir

can i ask you how this will be interesting in your opinion
I always think new alliances is interesting! :) it come many new alliances and sometimes just big players build up new alliances making it obvious that they will become big and strong :) but sometimes small players build up big monster alliances you never thoughts would become anything... I think Somali Pirates was one of those alliances... they started off as a small alliance but suddenly grew intensely and is now one of the alliances worth anything ! :)

So the thing who makes this interesting for me is that your alliance maybe will become one of the leading alliances in the future! Just future will show!

Good luck!


well i hope it will become something but as im finding out getting players to join is an up hill battle but ill be here ploding away and battling.

Again if anyone in ocean38 is free and wants to join contact myself wooly84 ingame


It's good to see you more involved in eta wooly. But I don't think many of the ocean 37/38 players know about the external forums.
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So far my 2 man alliance is going slow i would like if some guys though to there selfs how crap ocean 38 is as i know mostly the bigger alliances have pacts with eachother meaning most members in this ocean find it hard to expand.

WoA have taken a shine to myself after i said i wouldnt join them i got 11 attacks after i said no then a further 9 last night and now 21 attacks.

My alliance has a lot of action in its early days so im going to try use this to help me get players :p if anyone wants to join and get lots of FREE BP let me know ingame.


WoA is attacking you?

*Will not say anything sarcastic, will not say anything sarcastic, ...*



Get xChris to attack you, he sends the same units all the time, and his attacks can give you more than 1.5k DBP each attack, he gave me quite a nice bit of bp, hasnt attacked me since then lol.


Yes, he doesn't believe in LS nukes, he always attacks with hoplites and chariots with a trireme escort, usually around 50, such a fail.


Starting a new alliance is never easy,

When your small, less then 20 players, every new recruit will be challenged.

New small players look up to large alliances, so it become hard to recruit the when you have top 12 alliances competing for those same players (WoA and UK)

I know when I was in fearless fighters I would send at least 3 messages a day asking people to join. Must would say no, then join a higher ranking alliance. Targeting recruitment worked best that is to say, keeping it local and letting them know from the start like i said "we are recruiting in ocean 26 only at this time".

Once fearless fighters got to number 2 spot in that ocean People started asking us if they could join.

*note I was not a founder of fearless fighters but, a active member only.