New Alliance - The 12th Legion


We are... The 12th Legion

We are a mighty and supportive alliance, who look out for our members. We only wish for peace, but will participate in wars if needed. I'm sure no one wants to restart? We have many jobs for members to have, including Praetor (Founder) and Centurion (Leader).

Anyone is welcome to join and to pact. Just message Riptide2012 in - game to join or pact. Thank you!!


1.) Why are you a legion, not a alliance?
Answer - We only wish to be something different. It may sound like we are Roman people in a Greek game, but that is how things happened in Greek times. Greek people went to Rome and Roman people went to Greece.
2.) Why do you have different jobs and positions?
Answer - It is the same as question 1 (Found above). We want to be something different and this is the same.
3.)Where are you located?
Answer - We are located in ocean 25 but will allow others to join in certain reasons