New Alliance - We kill WWs


hows that ooc plan working out now - i basically saw quickly that the start of this world favored heavy gold users - I was not about to try to keep up with that having come out of BB and within twenty four hours some had five cities - fugitaboutit

i said from the beginning - i might die quickly - which is part of the game - but i am not insane - i am not going to keep doing the same thing expecting different results - this server favors the gold users too heavily - it is a ww world which frankly does not interest me - it is a non-morale and a speed three world - that is the only reason i gave it a shot

now....i heard the taunts of OOC and how they are going to win this server - seems that is just about as likely to happen as my idea - they never rose to any sort of strength but how could they with the leadership at the helm - i am sure you all can see their founder is now ailing in this world and in achilles and for those that have not read his vile posts - well you are most fortunate

it is good to see that there is tons of activity in this world - and there is always a chance i could come back - this would be most likely by taking any account of someone leaving the world and does not wish to destroy their account.

phil dunn

Ah I see you are still at it Clive. Seems we must be made of a little bit harder stuff then you and the rest who ran from this world. Yes we are taking hits and yes we are struggling but we are still there fighting along with the others.


made you have a nice bankroll to work with..we were four players - once we saw that gold users had such an advantage - we made a decision not to stay in a WW world since we hate WWs to start with

in the meantime seven players in achilles are fighting five alliances and watching them crumble - we have determined to use our strength - teamwork against simmers and disorganized alliances


saying you leave a world because of heavy gold users, is simply another excuse.