New Born.


Hello all, I know some of you hate me LOL... :p But hay I can't please everyone lol..

Just thought I let you all know as I have played this game over 2 years now. Over 6480 hours = 17 hours a day. :p I play at work due to Iphone4 and Ipad 2. :p Love the game, love the drama, I get a buzz out of it some how I know Its childish of me, I am never like this in Real life. Just in-game... This is one of the best servers in Grepolis. I love Theta.

I thought I introduce a new member to My family.

My new baby Daughter. Sharnaya krystal Bishop weighing 6 pound 10 and a half :)

Now Once she is older, she will be playing the game. :p

I Just thought I share you all the news. I'm good like that. :p Just to let you all know, most of you think I'm childish :p. I lost mine big V when I was 14 not really that Childish am I.? :p

Stuart (Uber). :p

Please no Insults GGM LOL.... I know you to well. :p :cool:


Congratulations! Super great, email me if you need support when you are up all night but NOT at your comp. Good Luck


Now you finally have a reason other than Grepolis to be up for 24 hours at a time! Whoohoo!

god greenmonkey

Congrats now you can stay up all night on grepolis with her on your lap (Teach her how 2 pwn n00bs :p)

p.s i think she looks just like you :p sorry you said not jokes could not help myself :D


Congratulations :)

(I'm going to have to move this to general discussions though -.-)

god greenmonkey

just think of it

in a few years she will be pwning her first n00b


Well done!! Good luck to you and your new baby girl!!!!