New Goddess Aphrodite Feedback Thread


Thousands off gold a week! Thats some bank right there :O.

i dont think this is an attempt to kill the game tho, i just think it wasnt tested enough before they were realeased and hopefully inno understands how these new gods are clearly unbalanced, and i have yet to find anyone who thinks they dont have issues.

What Outofcharacteristics is saying here "
Eliminate the incremental speed increases per one siren, and make it per every 10 sirens, which drastically reduces the number of anchor tries. If every 10 sirens gets the 2% boost that 1 gets today, that also eliminates the insane speed boost applied to CSs.

Speed boost for number of sirens:
0 - 9 = no speed boost
10-19 = 2%
20-29 = 4%
and so on
" Would fix the sirens and doesnt seem like a hard fix at all
How about increase the population a siren takes up so it has roughly the same effect? You can still send a very sped up CS, but it will always be over the threshold for being seastormed. Interesting balance of risk versus reward maybe?


units speed improvement that siren adds is just joke.

maybe every 10 sirens add some little speed improvement would be fine, otherwise is pure joke and I dislike it.