New Goddess Aphrodite

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Greetings from Mount Olympus itself!

As Hermes so... gracefully revealed, a new goddess is descending on the world of Grepolis! Aphrodite will bless world Chios with her presence, which opens on NOVEMBER 24th . Of course, Aphrodite brings with her new spells and mythical units. Read on to find out what's in store for the release of the first new god since 2012!

Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty and love.
Known throughout all of Greece as the embodiment of beauty, her presence across her domain influences growth. Her power over this realm increases as she attracts more mortal attention with celebrations held in her name. Her charm and elegance allure enemies on the battlefield enchanting them with her radiant beauty.
Aphrodite introduces 4 new spells, just like her fellow deities. However, she also introduces a new and unique spell type, with a passive ability. Passive abilities are cast on a city which is worshipping a god, and are only deactivated when you switch to a different god. Check out the table below for full details of her 4 spells.

Aphrodite's charm clouds the defending units vision, changing all that they desire.

All Defending units in the city are 10% less efficient for 12 hours.

Charitable Festival
As Aphrodite's influence and power grow, your citizens in turn grow mesmerized by the celebrations in their city.

Reduce the next Victory procession's celebration cost by 2% for every power active on this city. (Capped at 20%, does not stack)

Hymn to Aphrodite
The local Farming villages seek Aphrodite's approval, and gather more resources as an offering to her favor.

Increase farm resource collection by 20% + 1.5% for every power active on this city for 6 hours (Up to 50%). Additionally increase farm trade output by 10% while this power is active.


The uncanny resemblance of Pygmalion's statue to Aphrodite has captured some of her grace, making the city flourish while worshiping Aphrodite.

Increase population limit by 5 for every farm level.
(times based on speed 1)

And what is a goddess without godly mythical creatures by her side?! Of course, Aphrodite grants her devout followers with the ability to recruit 2 exclusive new units, the Siren and the Satyr. Lets see what wonders they will bring to your cities, and how they will aid you in crushing your enemies.

Temple level 5
Harbor level 6
Temple level 5
Barracks level 1
Wood: 1700
Stone: 1300
Silver: 2200
Favor: 110
Population: 16
Build time: 3 hours, 10 minutes (speed 1)
Wood: 1450
Stone: 750
Silver: 2600
Favor: 95
Population: 16
Build time: 2 hours, 55 minutes, 20 seconds (speed 1)
Attack: 180
Defense: 170
Speed: 22
Attack (Sharp): 385
Defense (Blunt): 55
Defense (Sharp): 105
Defense (Ranged): 170
Speed: 136
Loot: 335
Increase move speed of naval
units by 2% (Up to at 100%).
(build times based on barracks/harbor level 1)

Last but not least, the new Aphrodite portrait of course also brings with it an up to date and clean visual look, so, our artists also decided to touch up the 6 existing god portraits. You'll see these ingame in the coming weeks too!

We hope you're as excited as we are for this release of godly proportions. Please leave any feedback in the feedback thread!

Your Grepolis Team.