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I want to introduce my new community project Olymp, a map tool for Grepolis as a desktop-application. It is not just another Map tool, there are some differences to existing tools:

1.In the application the maps will not be generated on the fly like other tools. Instead they will be pre-generated as map-tiles for every zoom-level, which will then be stored on web space in the internet so that you and your comrade-player can access them. The advantage is that you can handle the map as you are used with Google Maps or Bing Maps, you can zoom and move easily. The disadvantage is that the generated maps are very large > 9 GB.

2.In the map-view you can then add pushpins for alliance or players which you can select from an list. When you hoover over a pushpin you will get additional info’s about the island.

3.You can save and load the map-views to disk, as much as you want.

4.You can also generate screenshots directly in the app. The screenshot will then be stored on a MS OneDrive, where you get a link from.

5.You can also share your map-views on OneDrive with other users.

6.You can also draw geometrical figures like lines, arrow-lines or circles.

7.You can also watch all ghost-towns on your world.

You can get my tool from this website:
Here you can also find the command-line tool with which you can generate your Grepolis world-maps. There is a detailed instruction how to create maps in the “Documentation” section of the site. If you want to check Olmyp how it works you can test it on a Grepolis map which I have public on the Internet of the world de67 Apollonia. To do this, download my tool and make a new world configuration. In the configuration window enter the following data:

Worldname : Apollonia
Map url :
World language prefix : de67

The tool is for sure multilingual, it’s start with the german language, but then you can see right in the toolbar the button “Olymp Konfiguration” here you can change to English language.
The application is yet not finished, I have more ideas which I want to integrate into the app. In the next article there are some screenshots of the tool.


Archon of Corinth

Hey Jabba. I thought you had been way to quiet. This looks useful ;)


this looks awsome how soon after a server is released will this function be working ?
That's what I'd like to know too - as well as how often will the maps update?

Will there be a few hours delay like GrepoIntel maps, or will we be able to get realtime data? Or at least quicker updates than 3 hours?

Ghosts are long gone by then lol, would be nice to spot them within a few minutes.