New Helorus Alliance - Global Legion Of Chaos


:eek:Global Legion Of Chaos:cool:

We are looking for active players to join our alliance if you have 300+ points your welcome to join
Our aim to make this a great alliance with a great team with that we ask for each and every member to respect others that are in the alliance and also all the pact alliances.

We are based in and around Ocean 57

Comment below If you have any questions about joining I will be happy to help.:)


Sorry not 100% sure what your getting at, but yes just checked and there is few with +10 even a couple with 16 (top 50). but there are quite alot with only 1 city ect some are most likly inactive but does not mean the remaining few dont want to join an alliance maybe there hours are limited like mine there are some players that have to work in RL cant all be sitting at a com all day, if I put more time into the game each day I would have more cities by now. I have sent few invites out to few near my city but there points are not moving so there obviously left, so I did the next thing and posted in here in the hope to get more players to join the alliance. while im offline this thread would of helped but irrelevance of your post has most likely put an end to that, so thankyou

Hasan Naqvi

It is not that gysago. Only 2% of players check these forums(other than announcement section)

Morover, the entry to that world is closed as it has 20000players already(though most are inactive).SO i doubt if anyone is able to use your link.

Sorry, registering in Helorus is no longer possible, since this world is already full.
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