New Hybrid App - Bug reporting and feedback


As a fellow developer I understand the plight of having to maintain old software, so migrating to a new app in itself isn't a bad idea.
However it seems like the hybrid app isn't an app at all, but simply the browser version that's been fitted to a phone screen. The UI is not at all optimized for mobile screens, zooming around is awkward and not good UX design, and some buttons just are naturally so small that even on max zoom they are a pain to reliably click. The benefit of the old app was that it actually functioned as an app - it was clearly designed with the small screen it would be displayed on in mind with decently large font sizes, minimal fluff, and UX that made sense on a touchscreen.
I think that you're going to need to put a bit of effort into accessibility and actually designing a mobile-friendly interface for the hybrid app that provides tangible benefit over just opening your site in a browser, because as it stands I think I'd much prefer staying on the classic app despite it becoming unsupported.

The classic app needed work, it needed better functionality (missing features etc) and it needed something done with the jumpy/glitchy forums etc.

What it didn't need was to be ditched for a port of the web browser that has 0 optimisation at all.

Things I like: Er the forums are more readable on the app. I can see advisors/ events.

Things I do not like: Landscape only. No mobile optimisation. Buttons are small, unscaled & fiddly, hard to press and not responsive. The scaling is poor & keeps resetting, and doesn't let me zoom in properly anyway. Posting on forums is horrible as my keypad in landscape covers most of the screen so I cant even see what I am typing.
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Double post but anyway...

Spent part of last night/ early morning trying to send support to alliance members using the new hybrid app. Far more of a chore than the old one because when selecting cities the city name bar is often moved off the screen/ obscured by something else, never mind it just being small (as per my previous complaint). I had to literally keep scrolling the page up/down up/down etc and zooming in/out to move between cities and this is honestly very unusable as is. Also because of the small buttons (labouring this point because it is VERY much the thing that needs sorted asap) I kept opening the wrong things. Island view instead of city view, reports instead of messages etc.


Unusable, too many reasons to list, most of which stated above. I'll be finally quiting once old app is decommissioned. So probably should say thanks.


Surely the old app is not being replaced by this? This is just like trying to play using browser on the phone, After all the money we have invested in this game for the last 10 years and it just gets rug pulled because the developers refuse to improve the game, Its 2022 it should be in HD atleast and the mobile app needed improved not scrapped for some web browser version of the game that is unusable, It's sad to see innogames won't invest in grepolis, an improved game/app and a little bit of marketing is all it would take to make grepolis explode in 2023 AND you would easily multiply your revenue from the game once all the old and new players start dropping in!


Pros: Mostly single code base between Desktop, Android, and iOS. Good for developers.

  1. Not optimized at all for a phone. All the buttons are close together, text is hard to read, and in some cases a phone's camera notch will cut off buttons.
  2. The game is literally unplayable. For instance, for quests you cannot hover your mouse over "Decide" to see what the objective is, because there's no mouse.
  3. World Wonders you cannot select a World Wonder to go to the island, the buttons just don't work.
  4. When you click on support, it brings you to the support page and then you cannot go back to the game without fully closing it.
  5. You can't even zoom/move because the phone treats it like you're copying text off the html elements.
Honestly this is the laziest attempt I've ever seen. There was no effort beyond google searching "How to show a webpage in a phone app stackoverflow". No testing was done at all, quests don't even work. Then beyond that, someone took a look at the game and said "Yeah, the microscopic text and buttons are totally clickable by human hands".

Please don't call this an app either, call it "web browser for Grepolis". It's understandable if there are bugs in a new app, but this is way beyond that. You guys were knowingly lazy and had the audacity to call it "new and improved". I can embed a website in a mobile app overnight, honestly disgusting.


it was easily fixable adding a button to queue all festivals, events and attacks arrival time in the old app


We’ve had access to the web browser on mobile for years, it’s called just logging into it in your safari/google chrome/whatever app.

So this is just trading an actually functioning app (albeit not perfect) for a speedier way to open the web browser.

Thanks for removing a tonne of stuff in return for what is the equivalent of a bookmark.


I've been trying use the Recruiting Overview window in the app but it's not showing me the saved units parameters I have for each city group, the first time I thought It was deleted but in the browser version the amount of units or city group are still there, but when I switched to the hybrid app they are gone. Is there a way to fix it?

Andy Seekings

App stopped supporting my old tablet.
Tried to install app on iPad mini but won’t losd
It doesn’t recognize my sign in at all
Warning says to enable cookies in settings- done it- they aren’t disabled
Erased Adblock just in case, reloaded grep again and again
Played 12 yrs but think this is the end now.


one of the problem that still interesting is you'll have very hard time for golding in the new app. I see that the captcha is sometime solved in a long time, meaning that when we solved the captcha thing the golds is already gone and if there's another golds in the market you'll need to solved the captcha again(with same long time)
And the another problem is sometime the apps is logout even I'm not login in browser, that sometime can make users can't get any notif when they're under attack.