New Layout Feedback Thread


The new menu layout. It's not a tool now, so much as an attraction. It is too high up from the bottom to be out of the way. I do not know what the purpose of the bronze pole like ornamentation to the left of the menu that goes down to the bottom. I thought it would enable movement of the menu, but it seems to merely be a static fixture.

A "new menu tool" should have included an option to drag it anywhere on the screen, rotate sideways, and have an option to show the names instead of the icons (old style). I agree with the comments about the BUY PREMIUM button being the central design feature of the new menu update. I have probably bought enough gold to purchase an entire new operating system. If anything I need a new 12-step program, not another enticement to addiction. It's really poor taste.

I don't know enough about the rest of the update to comment. I've ordered up some of the new "Godsent"... will have to see if its worth the favor.
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lol, could you make a little bigger please because i am struggling to see it even with my face an inch away from the screen ;)
Click the image it gets bigger, i can't control the image size sorry try using the zoom on your browser :)


It takes up WAYYYYYY to much space IMO. I liked it better the way it was. I'm interested to see how this new myth unit works though.

Phineas Freak

"Implementation of a new menu design - The main screen ingame has been reworked, giving a sleek new interface to Grepolis;"

Could we maybe get a checkbox in the settings menu to allow us old-fashioned types who would rather use our menus than look at them to go back to the quaint, antiquated menu we were using before? If you really want, you can change the font where it says "premium" to be twice as big as the other items, to reflect the weightings used in the new menu.
Or, have the menu bar back in old location where space is less valuable? I find I am scrolling the map around quite a bit now with less visible horizontal space. I suppose I could zoom out in some browsers but changes would be lost on each refresh/login.

Other than that, I don't mind the change a bit. it's just too big for the bottom of the screen.


The interface looks very good and i like the design.

But COME ON, How much space is taken up by it? my screen is 25% smaller now because of this silly design, i cant even see the whole island on my screen now becasue of it?
Yes it looks good and works well, but why so big?

it is a step backwards in my opinion, and i see the GOLD button is prominent in the middle.
I understand gold keeps the game going, but i buy gold so i dont need a bloody big button in the middle of the screen, at least shrink it for premium users.

A few suggestions if i may.

1. Make it auto hide or movable/shrinkable?
2. Allow us to have the old design back as an option?
3. the xmas sack is now nearly in the middle of the screen, it looks totally stupid.

Please Please Please, let us have the old system back, even if its an option, as this is putting me off the game completely.

A big mistake in my opinion


Happy Inno? I guess the players didnt want the change after you say we did? Interesting. How many more lies will you be telling us?


Like several others. I have only one complaint. Putting that bar along the bottom of the screen covers up too much of the screen area on a small screen. since I play this game on my laptop, getting a larger screen is not an option. I was perfectly happy with that information along the side where it belongs. Improving the look did not require blocking out the playing area so much. Give us an option to put it back along the side where it belongs.


The new menu has an issue. Can we allow players to select the menu style please.
The main issue with the new menu is most players use a widescreen monitor, the new bar takes up more valuable vertical space, the old bar was less intrusive as it took up less valuable horizontal space on the screen. Allowing us to move the bar back on the side will provide us with more useful gaming area.
The other issue is i can't find an option to open the main city screen on the new menu. I now have to go to the city and double click on it. Can you replace this option please or tell me where it is.


I'm not a big sour puss either, but the bar at the bottom affects people with wide screen computers. I think yall need to make it to where we can hide it when we are just looking around the map.

I also don't get the purpose of this new god. Is it supposed to be like a big hoplite?


Yo this is ing . Can't find anything, is that new unit meant to be?

Bring back 1.26! :supermad:


The new menu sucks. It's like Grepolis in cinematic mode. I want to see the battlefield properly, not through the vision-slit of a ww2 tank.


More than 2.5 years of the same has made me a bit resistant to this change, but as the day has passed I have grown more accustomed to it. Still, though, it would look better if each icon had it's own color scheme, instead of the same gold platting across every icon. It would make it more attractive, and easier to navigate.

It may impede the field of vision for some players on lower level resolutions in ways that the former didn't, so in this respect it would have been better to keep the position the same, but keep the new design.


Same complaints as most people.

The bar at the bottom is worse then where it was and the place where it was is just wasted space now and looks strange as just the top corner is used.

The BUY GOLD button is just awful. Have it big by all means but put it where the menu used to be and get it out of my face.

Main complaint for me is the missing city overview button,Please bring that back on the menu.

The menu looks very though


I agree with Francis. It isn't bad, different, going to take some getting use to, but it is bulky and takes away quite a bit of map view when scrolling around.