New Milestone?

Digital Mystikz

I think it's time for a new milestone. The milestone will be called, the most cities taken from one player :) Check out your conquests and count the most cities you've taken from one single player. There are some rules though. The player had to be active when you took the cities. So if a player was banned or inactive, it doesn't count.

I'll go first. I took the most cities from k.a.r.e.n., 15 to be exactly :)

I'll make a top 3 of most cities taken from one player so if you wanna participate, post underneath me and i'll edit the first post.

1. Digital Mystikz: 15 cities taken from k.a.r.e.n.

Winner get's an unescorted cs sent at him


lol the ego. i don't go after one player. i go after all of them :p

i took at least one city from 8 various active triad players btw


i just go for the best city out there. held by 1 guy or held by many