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person i remember you was in Impact on Rizinia. the premade which got ruined in the stupidest way


no it was someone else with the initials COD who believes Triad are a good alliance
I have. A real Triad cheerleader if there ever was one, you are.
screw you :p

lol. Well I did get a negative rep that said "Triad will still take you-COD"

Was that you?
I already showed that I wasn't me but just to repeat, no it wasn't me. Lots of people just like to pretend to be me for some reason.
no it was someone else with the initials COD who believes Triad are a good alliance
:rolleyes: it wasn't me and I hate a many members of the triad alliance.
Apologies then. :D
No need to apologize.

Joseph Nieves

Ugh so your one of those mods that do their job :rolleyes:
I am sure they all start out that way and loosen up when they feel comfortable they can get away with less :p Umm I mean great job person, keep the young guys in check ;) Who knows the way Inno is doing things you might be modding the last world this year :rolleyes:


look give me some time and I will try and figure out what's right and wrong. again first time modding I need to look like i am doing something so give me some time until I know exactly what to do.

Archon of Corinth

Just keep killing the forums you will do fine :p
person67. Every good mod needs to make an example of someone on day one. Duct tape one player on day one and all the rest will behave themselves for a year. Just one player .... :D


Any chance you could change your luminescnent Red Font to something that doesn't hit my astigmatism so much? Like This? I'd hate to have a seizure.

The Bright Red and Bright Green, bolded twitch my left eye.
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