Announcement New mod

person67. Every good mod needs to make an example of someone on day one. Duct tape one player on day one and all the rest will behave themselves for a year. Just one player .... :D

Any chance you could change your luminescnent Red Font to something that doesn't hit my astigmatism so much? Like This? I'd hate to have a seizure.

The Bright Red and Bright Green, bolded twitch my left eye.
he can't


Neon colors are very annoying and it's the middle of the night for me and my phone screen was bright when I saw that post with the neon colors, my eyes are still burning a little


Someone negative repped me for my comment about the neon blaring color of the mod names. Really????

I'm sorry he cannot change it. It's a legitimate issue and medically valid. The best thing I can hope for is when the mod doesn't have the most recent post so I don't have to put my hand over the forum listings.