New player seeking mentors


As the title states. I have a few teachers already but more opinions won't hurt. Preferably you have skype and have been top 20 on previous worlds, but neither of these is a necessity.

/me waits for the noob hatred fest


I'd also be happy to give you some tips. I'm usually more of the 'shoot first, ask questions later' type but I've taught quite a few great players and learned from some of the best too! I'm no longer in the top 20 of my current main world (Naxos) but I consistently alternate between #6 and #7 in attack battle points which I think is a much nobler pursuit anyhow. :)

I hit 'random' upon entry to this world but I'm currently in the northeast corner or o54 and I'll be looking for a small group of mature guys that I can trust. No guarantees that I'll be on this world for long but I'm always happy to leave a legacy in any world I enter.


Well he doesn't need a mentor anymore. He's got all of Krypteia to help him out now :p