New Rules on spam???


Well done mate, thanks for your intelligent response!

if you can’t be bothered to switch your brain on and bring a reasoned, thought out discussion to the table, like shuri, perhaps you should just go back to trolling YouTube videos and Instagram posts instead.

Give us all a break hey!

You make a good point Shuri but I would argue (for myself) that the fact it is illegal is not really the reason why I wouldn’t steal someone’s golf clubs.
It's a WAR game Drubzie... Yes, the whole point of WAR is to test your security flaws and steal your golf clubs if the game permits. War is war. We kill, plunder, steal cities, steal favor, steal resources, steal WOW from those that try. Isn't THAT the point? How is ANY of it possible if you can't engage in WAR tactics in a WAR game. If they don't want it to be a WAR game, then take away those aspects of the game. Otherwise, let us play the way the developers wanted us to play. It's not rocket science and I don't understand how intelligent people can't get this very simple concept. SMH...


The operative word is GAME!

If people are happy to act like douches in an (often unsuccessful) attempt to win a computer game then good for them. I'm still entitled to call it for what it is. This WAR (not sure why i shouted there, maybe you are rubbing off on me) game existed for many years with an amazing player base (3 times the number of people starting servers compared to now and oceans populated down to 67 and 66) but it has been declining and I think that is a shame. I believe that the win at all costs strategy that some people assume is partly to blame for that. You do not need spam wars or ridiculous BP boosting to win a grepolis server, why can't you just practice and try harder like the rest of us.



Congratulation spammers, you've won.
I'm not talking about you regular spammers, I'm talking about the spam-for-hire. I won't name you because you don't deserve more recognition, but you have successfully forced me to quit a game I enjoyed playing.
I don't blame inno or the mods for this. Nothing you can do about a vindictive, petty baby.
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Current definition of spam:
Current definition of spam:
(Based on what I have read so far, on other threads)
"Any attack I do not like that is bad when other people do it but ok when I some times do it because (paste hypocritical excuse here)."

This definition is not only a non definition but not going to help, and it is going to harm.

Because Mods/managers now consider this a public mandate to "fix spam!"

So they have pulled out their sledge hammer to remove what THEY consider spam Which aint what YOU consider spam thinking they are doing what the public asked for.
When their "solution" tanks the game they will not undo it because that would require them to admit they were wrong.

I have been gaming since PONG. I can not count the number of good games that tank because the devs listen to the loud cries and gnashing of teeth from a small but loud minority that in no way represents the average silent player.
And when they give the special snowflakes what they think they want, players start leaving, and even the snowflakes leave the ghost town they created.

Why there is no working definition of spam:
Players are too stupid, lazy, or cowardly to appropriately label different actions with unique labels so we know exactly what they are talking about.
Much easier to cry mmMC SPAM! BOO WHOO! so every one will agree with you and express sympathy.

Way to solve this:
First logically define spam.
Second come up with other logical labels for other naughty game actions you do not like.
If it is a good label it will stick.
If others dislike the appropriately labeled action as much as you, then it might get addressed.
If not it wont, and your just being a crybaby and it will get ignored while you are possibly ridiculed for being weak sauce.

The etymology of spam:
Spam is a tasty canned square meat that goes great with rice and eggs. Just ask any Hawaiian.
But some find it quite disgusting so it has become synonymous with "YUCK in a can."

Then came the internet and email. Along with that came advertising email. Or "unsolicited stuff you do not want that just clogs up your mail box" Or "SPAM."

Spam is:
"Any thing sent at you in mass with the sole purpose of clogging up your notifications and or locking you out of game in the hopes of causing you grief.
Usually as some response to some perceived slight or seeking a tactical edge.
But there are some people that are just &^%#s and they will spam you just cause they can.

The more serious problem:

A warning that does not define exactly How you broke a rule and how NOT to break the rule in the future is no warning by definition.
The purpose of a warning is so you can adjust your future actions to remain within the rules.
Right now the only purpose it serves is to allow mods to claim they were being fair because they gave you a "warning" before they banned you.

Further when you do not CLEARLY define your rules your game ceases to be a game.
The major difference between WAR and a WARGAME is a war game has previously defined and agreed upon rules.
War is just acts of aggression till one side is all dead or screams uncle.

You could even take it one step further and realize it is not even a rule at all.
A rule must be known and clearly defined so it can be agreed upon and followed.
That is the whole purpose of a rule.

What you have now is a popularity contest where those that are in the right crowd could easily be judged by a different criteria than those that are not.
Aaaand you would never know.
Since no criteria is clearly defined any one can be banned at any time once they are "warned."

I expect several of this "in crowd" to quickly respond with an "The end justifies the means." reply because this calls in jeopardy their ability to win.
Or simply have their friend delete it for the same reason.

Example of how the ends do not justify the means for the logic impaired:
Helping a blind old lady safely cross a busy street is a great end. A stereotypical good deed.
Removing on coming cars with grenades and clearing the cross walk of school children with a chain saw...... Kind of negates the good deed.

Inno does not give warnings nor reasoning they ban first without actual evidence based on speculation. This coming from a Veteran of this game of over 10 years. They have no magical tools if you play or are on to much you are botting, If you send something they don't like in a mail they will delete all the mails and perm ban the accounts. List goes on. They have proven time and time again they are just here for the green god of greed. End of rant. and yes I still play this game with all that being said because I have met some lifelong friends here while playing for so long.