New Rules on spam???

Zion T

There's nothing wrong with 1ls attacks, it's a tactic that everyone can use in a variety of ways, whether attacks, def, or diversions. It's been around longer than the people who want it banned, n there's no problem with it.
Taking it away will ruin the game even more, there's already new speed spells that help the noobs out a lot. Doing this will only encourage more simming, which is not the way this game is supposed to be played.

Sir Ricco

I am sure some of you would call this as he called "aggressive HC" it went on for many hours, at times for all day/night... I say people with a little bit of brain and intelligence would call this ******* and spam... but hey INNO was OK with it.... just thought I'd give an example as to try to clarify spam by players... lol

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Xxcharlie199xX again!! He is famous for being notoriously sending that kind of spam attacks in every world he plays!