New Top-12 Alliance Map


Hey guys, just something pretty to look at:

Liquidators- Green
Vanguard- Slightly Different Green
NWO- Red
AX- Pink
AcX- Slightly Different Pink
TP.- Yellow
JW- Navy Blue
Cohort- Light Blue
JFL- Orange
Alpha- Black
LoL- Purple
IDK- White


Firstly, nice job thomas. +rep :)

I think it's safe to say that Theta is now in a world war, so I constructed a map using grepolismaps showing the two sides. In black there is NWO, Jags, JFL, TC, TP and LoL. In white there is the rest of the top 15 (AX and co.)

Link to map

P.S. I put TBE in white cause it made more sense than in black.
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It looks like it is almost evenly balanced right now.
I think one alliance betraying another at this moment would cause the betrayed side to be destroyed.