Top 12 New Top 12 rankings


The other thrend is stale and no one will bother to read through all those pages to track an alliances rise or fall.
So I'll create a new one and hopefully people will be re-invigorated and keep it going.

1. Dire Wolves-My alliance so I will not comment

2.Schola Nova
A points ranking of 2nd but a kill points ranking of 5th (4th is defence 6th in attacking) tells its own tale for an alliance that's been around as long as these guys.
There's a whole load of mehness about their conquests. Working with HaP/CDC/ES/LoS/TSH and even Gauls they are part of a powerful bloc but their war activity is limited. They'll drop down the rankings as Excelsior/IG and OSG pressure them and their players leave the game out of boredom with building.

3.The League of Shadows
Relative new-comers to the wars but they've made their mark now they got with the programme. Fairly well organised.They also have the luxury of being on the fringe of World Ephesus so they have nice safe areas to build in which helps them in their wars with OSG in their South and Dire Wolves and The Condemned in their North East.
They'll be around for the long-haul as they also have a large academy to cherry-pick from and they keep their players active.

4.Open Source Government
They seem to be in a phase of reorganisation with a whole load of internal conquests and cities gifted to their affiliates.
Their enemies are having a purple patch against them which seems to be down to their recent lack of direction/leadership.
They were once on top of the points rankings and were doing very well in their wars. They need to get back to where they were a couple of months ago or they'll drop further. A new senior leader needs to step up from their Generals.

5.Honour and Power
They were once THE power on Ephesus but have lost their way due to lack of leadership and serious inactivity problems. They have some exceptional individuals but their conquest stats shows, that as an alliance, they are taking a kicking from their enemies. They're reduced to stacking cities and attempting to hold on to what they have rather then trying to make any gains or expand anywhere. Its a cautionary tale of wasted potential.
I predict them collapsing and merging sooner rather then later. If their leaders had any respect they would have stood down and folded up the alliance as soon as they looked at their conquest stats.

Their kill ranking is higher then their points ranking. They've been around from the get go, always at war.
They were in a serious phase of reorganisation which included a whole load of internal conquests but that is ending now and they're back to war properly. Fighting on two extended fronts against a host of enemies, they're seen as such a threat that LoS has sent support from 4 oceans away to help sieges on their cities.
Well led, with good diplomatic skills and many allies around their core.
They'll be around until the end of the server.

7.Eternal Soldiers
They joined themselves at the hip to Honour and Power at the start of the server and they're sharing the same faith.
At one time they were very active and aggressive but lack of leadership and inactivity has killed them off as a serious threat. Again they have a few (4 or so) very gifted individuals but as an alliance they're well past their sell by date.
Their conquest stats have all been about cannibalisation for quite some time.

8.OSG Empires
They seem to be doing better then the senior partner of the OSG Firm. They have a mostly active membership and have targeted and conquered their enemies. I predict them moving up the rankings. I don't know much about them. One to watch.

They're gaining points but they've dropped down the rankings. They're in a purple patch in their wars and are very comfortable right now. Very aggressive and mostly well coordinated. They're well led and have a lot of allies. I can see them moving back up the rankings soon enough.
The concern for them is that very few of them are doing the actual work. There's a high level of inactivity that needs to be addressed and they need an injection of new blood or their workload will break them and they'll drop.
Their choice of allies may be their undoing in the long run.

10.Legions of Gaul
A herd with no proper leadership. Its alliances like these guys that make MRA a dirty word.
A quick glance at their conquest stats shows them getting beaten from pillar to post yet they still do not change.
They're just point whores that use their extensive DBP to found new cities.

11.The Condemned
Very aggressive , very well led. They're right on the front lines fighting much larger alliances and they haven't lost a single city in battle yet. They're the Floyd Mayweather of Ephesus. They've chosen to stay a small elite group but they can call in a whole load more players if needed and they'll be around until the end of the server.

12. Island Guardians
They're a young enough alliance that have mostly supported Excelsior against Schola Nova until recently. Now they're making their own mark and look to be moving into the wars properly. The scales are at tipping point now and their actions in the next few weeks will determine if they can be a force to be reckoned with outside of their core oceans in the future.
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A very nice and detailed analysis of the top 12 alliances. I just can't believe how Legions of Gaul is even in the top 12. Their conquest history is all against them, internal takeovers, or unaligned cities. They rarely attempt a CS and don't even support their frontline cities. Being at war with LoG is like being handed free cities.
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