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  1. Hyperadox

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    Apr 25, 2019
    The last thread got real cluttered real fast. It would be nice to have a thread devoted completely and only to Top 12 lists. If you'd like to respond to any ones list, please do so in a top 12 format.

    If anyone is willing to take the time to fill out an analysis, I'm sure everyone else would appreciate it the read.

    I'm interested to see what your current perspectives are.
  2. duffuss

    duffuss Lochagos

    Sep 5, 2017
    Here's my 5 min top 10:
    1. Hug This - Going to win the world unless james decides to organize his alliance. Every single one of them is a millionaire.
    2. True Fear - If the switch to an all defense mode they might get to keep a few cities...
    3. NONAME - I really want to see how Amnesia will manage to sneak a spy in Hug This.
    4. Mercenaries - Have some great players with them
    5. Phoenix Blade - True Fear are truly desperate.
    6. Hell Hounds - Have nice cities in 44, Hug This will grab them sooner or later and they will quit Grepolis out of fear. I might grab a few too.
    7. Nightmares Of Elysium - Why do these alliances even exist?
    8. Inf1nite Army - MRA central
    9. Infin1te Army - MRA central
    10. Crusaders - They think they are some sort of elite hahahaha!
    23. Pirateiros - We got the world, ez!

    Start shitposting now. Please!
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  3. LikeClockWork1

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    Mar 23, 2019
    Ah man these forums on Innogames just crack me up some times lol.

    I'd probably have to say 70% of the stuff in these world tabs talked about is Assume assume assume and well assume, not much communication like it used to be 10 years ago.

    But either way I get laugh of what everyone thinks and assumes of other alliances without actually talking to a member in that alliance.

    So I guess keep it up because it makes me laugh
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    BELLISAURIUS Chiliarch

    Feb 19, 2016
    Top 12 reasons I'm still playing Pharae

    12. My nights are empty after Johnny Carson left TV
    11. Those huggers are my amway hook-up
    10. Ms Merkel isn't telling me that there's going to be a Grexit
    9. True fear uses slide rules instead of scripts
    8. Forgot to take my pain meds, and needed to distract with something worse
    7. Thought no-name was some secret bdsm society
    6. Trying new weight loss diet- spend time farming, not eating
    5. Saw ad: U2 CAN EARN BIG BUX WITH MERCS, thought 'what the heck'
    4. Fox news was running Hannity reruns, and I just discovered Maddow's married
    3. Still trying to figure out if Phoenix Blade is new razor for women
    2. 1ssa was too busy writing a paper to hang out
    1. Cleveland was too exciting to contemplate the trip
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  5. 1saaa

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    Oct 7, 2018
    i honestly cannot tell if these are jokes about each alliance or if they are just reasons. is that bad for me or good for you?

    BELLISAURIUS Chiliarch

    Feb 19, 2016
    Grepo's about having a good time. My goal is to get a laugh for everyone. The threads are often a bit dry.The jokes are pretty evenly set to poke at everyone a little, although my sense of humor is kind of american, for better or worse. You may notice similarities to david letterman's top tens.

    Oh, and to be on topic so magick or whoever the forum mod is doesn't get angry at me.
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  7. 1saaa

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    Oct 7, 2018
    okay :) i like you username and your profile picture.

    sorry wrong thread!
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