New world Amphipolis pre made

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  1. ronomatic

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    Jul 10, 2019
    Looking for experienced QUALITY players for new world amphipolis please be serious. world coming out on the 16th
    You have to be:
    Active in forum
    Experienced (i might be able to make a couple exceptions for extremely keen players)
    Willing to participate in ops
    Organized with your cities (e.g. mixed city, bir city, ls city, sword city so on)

    World settings:
    • Game speed: 3
    • Unit speed: 3
    • Trade speed: 3
    • Beginners protection: 5 Days
    • Alliance limit: 50
    • Conquer system: Revolt
    • City Foundation Time: 12 Hours
    • Morale: Active
    • Endgame: Domination
    • Domination speed: Regular
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