New World Dorylaion (en119)

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Dear Players,

On September 3rd a new world Dorylaion will open its gates for battle. We invite you to join the wars on the world with the Domination endgame. This is a special world to celebrate the anniversary of Grepolis so not only is this a high speed no morale world, players will also start with 3 cities.

World settings:
  • Game speed: 6
  • Unit speed: 6
  • Trade speed: 3
  • Beginners protection: 5 Days
  • Alliance limit: 35
  • Conquer system: Conquest
  • Conquest time: 8 hours
  • City Foundation Time: 12 Hours
  • Starting City Count: 3
  • Morale: Inactive
  • Endgame: Domination
  • Domination speed: Regular

We hope you will enjoy the new world! Feel free to discuss the new world in our pre-world discussion thread.

Best regards,
Your Grepolis team


Hey guys,

I come bearing sad news regarding En119. We've found some pretty significant technical issues with not only the EN world, but all worlds opened this week across all markets. These technical difficulties mean we unfortunately will need to disable login and registration on all of our newest special worlds until beginning of the next week. We apologize for any inconvenience.

For questions regarding Gold spent etc. please bear with us until we have had a chance to establish next steps. Our support team won't have any news to share before next week, either.

Thank you again.
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Hey guys,

We are hoping to re-open the world around 15:00 (CEST) today after working on the issues causing the problems through the weekend. To answer a few questions:

  • The world will not be reset
  • Beginners protection will be extended by 2 days to compensate for lost time doing so.
  • We will look into what other compensation we will do when everyone is back in the office tomorrow, so please be patient with us, and understand that the support team doesn't have more info on how this will look yet (as in, it literally hasn't been decided yet).
If you have any other questions, please drop them in the existing thread on the world forums:

Thanks again for your patience.

Richard and team
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