New World Naucratis (EN112)

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  1. Baudin Toolan

    Baudin Toolan Staff Member

    Mar 22, 2010
    Dear Players,

    On November 20th new world Naucratis. will open its gates for battle.

    Naucratis will be a new type of world called a Casual World. On this world every player will have 1 designated "safe" city that can be attacked but not conquered/revolted. There are also some attack prevention measures put in place to limit the size of players that you can attack based on your own total points. To read up on the full details of what a Casual World is check out the wiki page.

    World settings:
    • Game speed: 2
    • Unit speed: 1
    • Trade speed: 2
    • Beginners protection: 7 Days
    • Alliance limit: 60
    • Conquer system: Revolt
    • City Foundation Time: 12 Hours
    • Morale: Active
    • Endgame: None

    We hope you will enjoy the new world! Feel free to discuss the new world in our pre-world discussion thread.

    Best regards,
    Your Grepolis team
  2. Richard

    Richard Staff Member

    May 5, 2010
    Hello guys,

    EN112 is now open! See you on the (Casual) Battlefield!