News Report. Bunnies Unrest, Leader Leaves, Others Inactive.


Killer Bunnies seem to be in unrest after a leader in their alliance, and the WW organiser, Renegade Jae has left them and moved to their enemy, OSG. This has left their core islands infiltrated and our News Reporters have learned that in general they are having large internal problems.

The bunnies players seem to be understandably pissed at Jae for leaving his/her teammates behind


The switch of alliances has left 4 previous full-bunny islands now with their enemy on them

It is well known that bunnies core is infiltrated before this move, but this adds insult to injury. O54 was their home and their core, but with over 10 islands with 1 or two impurities making those islands void for wonders they only have 6 full islands in O54, and these are heavily scattered most being too dangerous for wonders.

Their only chance now is to sue the islands they made on the 54/55 border, but this leaves them fair game for Winners who are on those islands' door step.

On top of this unrest, key players in the bunnies lineup are showing inactive and are not responding to alarms and the like. Our news team is certain that bunnies players must be having a hard time preventing the loss of key cities on their few safe islands left.

With some of their key players already on VM or inactive, this turn of events makes bunnies seem like an unlikely WW contender and sinking


Update: Unless bunnies stop the flow of ship-jumping quick, they have no hope.

Rank 20 fighter Retaliator28 has left the alliance Killer Bunnies to go to Turtle Time. He was picked up from the dregs of Stay Cool 3 months ago and joined bunnies. Their core is further infiltrated.

More info will be updated here if this saga of leaving bunnies continues