Newspaper en76 issue 1


News round


Sweet Syn-A Flo5
Have you struggled to stay at the top of the alliance rankings? A little yes the leadership team here is a joke

Are you at war with any alliances? if so list below , BB/BBII/New Spirit RELOADED and anyone in oc55 when the time comes

Name 3 alliances you can see doing well in this server?, no idea still young
Please add this: you caught me at a time when im about to leave due to being angry about how the alliance is running

Blood Brothers II - M1rza

First question no we have been always top 10 in the alliance rankings.

Yes we are at war with some alliances this detail I cant publish

Hmm I believe that Sweet Syn is doing a good job in this server , Stoats Of Fury are a good and dangerous alliance to and of course BBI and BBII are doing a great job.

And about that thing BBII and BBI you can see we are above the BBI on the points rankings so I dont think this is bad because of the name , we are one alliance and we will fight as one :)

sink or swim or float issue 1
1 sweet syn swim/sink
2, blood brother 2 - float
3, stoats of fury - swim
4, blood brothers - float
5, underworld rising - sink

song of the week -

tester this one is real information but a quick 2 hour doing information took longest, layout a few minutes but i prefer basic with alot of information ,

wars,prediction,will be uploaded into the next issue if it comes along

if you like this issue and would like me to continue please rep me as it helps ^_^

also anything else i can do to improve i will, next time i will put my questions in with the interviews and i will also round up best attackers alliance wise of the week :)
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that is very nice on how he does it but tht takes a good while i can do it but like i said this was a quick layout alot of things are going to change pal


good work. Nice issue for so early on and apperantley you have not done others so nice.


+ repped for a good start.

Try looking at C4's paper's, like the Apollonia Times. He is a very skilled journalist :)


Okay :)

Although I don't wanna be cocky or anything, check out my lapithos one. I've got a lot of positive feedback recently, but if you read the comments of the first 3, you will pick up some more tips :)


not criticism but I don't know what's actually happened maybe some more event coverage.


well i was thinking of break off from an alliance and making my own newspaper one and using the forums for data and maybe if anyone else wants to help make a newspaper from putting all information in the forum


Whoever - repped me for saying C4's paper's are good seriously what's wrong with you?

"He writes the same all the time" Yes I imagine it's hard to think of something new to write when your on your 25th issue or whatever it is... Why don't you try it?


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Oh, matty :p
If you want to follow one of the best guides on the forums, check out the Apollonia times.


since i have got a good rep amount (which helps in growing my name) and good replys i will have a new copy out by 27/28th i will get as much info as i can and redo the paper a first complete copy


good attempt mate well done :)

make a list of like 5 question send it to every alliance!!
find out about there wars and ask about them!!

ask how they coping with there enemys
ask what there current options are of the top 12 quickly

or pick out a few promising alliance and lame maybe and ask everyone wat they think of them