Newspaper Newspaper - Observation of Abdera


To get us back to the discussion of the game and important events of Abdera, I'll start to post an observation and analysis of all oceans from north to south, so we can meet new local heroes and learn something new.

Today let's take a closer look at ocean 52, located in the far north, and might become the center of Abdera soon.

We can see 4 alliances are presented in that area and we will witness a bloody battle in the coming weekend.

Apparently it will be the center of the large-scale war action.

1 TUATHA 46 cities SWIM
2 The Hammer 4 cities SWIM
3 The Rising Phoenix 4 cities SWIM
4 The Hammer of the Dragon 1 city SWIM

Tuatha is on the top with dreink13 leading his alliance to the major role in the far north.

The feud between Hammer and Tuatha has turned into a massacre. They haven't conquered new cities in that area, though. But the batlle was epic and a lot of biremes died attacking those LS stacks

The hopeless Rising Phoenix are being crushed by The Hammer of the Dragon, even without a war action, they couldn't stand against slingers and archers besieging their cities. They haven't lost any cities in that area yet. Will they be able to reinforce from heavy no losses and hit back? The time will tell.

Tuatha has conquered 0 cities from The Rising Phoenix and lost 0. What does it mean? Maybe they're pacted and have a plot to remove Hammer family from that area to share that strategically important ocean?

The Hammer of the Dragon appears to be the most vulnerable alliance in that hot zone, as they're heavily outnumbered. Will they survive with just one city?

Quiz of the week!

Choose a number from 798 to 799 and if you're lucky you'll win Plague for 5 of your cities!

Next week I'll try to do an interview with guys from ocean 52 and tell you more about our heroes! And Ocean 42 observation is coming soon! Don't forget to read my paper every friday and feel free to add your comments and feedbacks. Thumbs up if you like the idea of highlighting all the hidden areas of Abdera!
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Could be longer, but it's still good, Tiller.

Nice to know what's going on on the other side of the world.

About the quiz, I'll go with 798.


Yeah Slot, next time it will be longer.
This is my first newspaper and I've decided to start with really complicated ocean, set the bar high, broaden our horizons step by step.

I wanted to add a few pages of very interesting scientific research about Slingers and stones, but I decided it wouldn't be as interesting to read, as a classic newspaper.


Fascinating read, however I have to disagree with 1 point - I dont believe "The Rising Phoenix" have what it takes to survive in this extremely competitive ocean and therefore they would be a SINK.

799 here


Well, they're getting hard times with two of their best players seem to be inactive:eek:
Their aces: hairy one and anonymous963 are red!

HydrogenJukebox might use it!


I have an observation...

A player who can gold a wall from no resources and no wall, to level 15 in 20 minutes.....

And yet, all day long has been defending with pure cerberus.. on their own.. against chariot and hop nukes....