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The Gythium Time


In this Issue we will talk about the major wars taking place in the core Oceans. We have 2 interviews with one of the Leaders of TT Metalcore and we will meet a new rising star with Who are these guys?;Rabown. I have received a great Poem from our greatest writer of the time Basilfly and we do have our first nominee for Noob of the Month, the Noob of the Week.

Since new settlers have settled down in Gythium Alliances have formed, disbanded and Alliances have gone to war. So far we are seeing one major war between the number one Alliance Tiny Teddies and their Allies and the number two Alliance Musketeers with their Allies.


As for now it seems like Tiny Teddies are not holding up against the musketeers. They have lost 15 cities and were able to take 3 cities from the Musketeers. We have all heared about the rumors of leadership troubles and Players are not supported equally. So I got on my ship and sailed to the home Tiny Leader Metal Core and sat down with him to find out what the rumors are about.

1. First of all I would like to clear one thing at the beginning. We all read about internal problems, players not beeing supported equally and leadership which is not on the same page, look at Uncle B., support of Players etc.

Support of players just comes down to the shear distance we are talking. Unit speed one makes the travel time across an ocean about 11 hours. We are spread out over three oceans so you can imagine why some players will be out of support range for obvious reasons. Leadership has made some mistakes abut we never said we were perfect and we don't claim to be. Unlce b issue was something that was a mistake.

2. TT was in a close race about Place 1 with Musketeers in ranking and BP. Then TT took a merge. What was the reason for that? Was just to keep number one or were u frightend of loosing your prime spot? Or was there a other reason?

The merge never had anything to do with stats. TT never felt threaten by Muks in the point rankings or the bp rankings. we had a comfortable lead especially in the bp stats. It just made ambitional sense that when you had two like minded alliances that were good friends thats something like this would happen. Look at armageddon and musks. Another sensible ambitional merge.

3. What does TT make the number 1 Alliance?

The shear fact we have had it since day 1 pretty much. Day one we came out dominating and we have been doing so untill just recently when gs and the musks have started to catch up. We have earned the rank 1 position in all stats and held it for coming up to two months. We deserve rank one but now musks and gs are challanging us for the title.

4. Lets take a look into the future. TT is at war with multiple alliances on multiple fronts. Sofar you have lost more cities then you took from musketeers. Are you just not fighting them but fosucing on controlling your Oceans or Ocean?

Its a hard border to fight on. we are basically samwhiched between valks and musks. we are fighting on the border as well as in out own ocean making it tough for make ground. Having some inactives as well have made things hard. The fact musks and valks are actually good as well doesn't help us as well :p.

5. When looking at Alliances we have the TT which are Nr. 1 after the merge and you are having strong Allies. What is the idea of TT to handle Allies and the enemy?

Simple, treat an ally like a friend and an enemy like you would, well an enemy :p. Enemies are to be killed erradicated etc etc and the target cities we are to take. Allies are just your friendly neighbour and enemies are pests that you want to remove. Any more than that and you will need to talk to our diplomat :p, i'm a simple man when it comes to these things. Friend or foe to me.

6. Last I would like to get to know the leadership and the ideology of TT. What are the TT and what are theyr morals?

TT leadership is its own personality that is reflected by the allaince. A very all in approach to it, agressive and active. Its an alliance that lives of action. When you look at things, look at how much TT has been involved in the history of Gythium. Loud since the start. Morals are simple, You have the forum rules which are the basis of what is right or wrong, eg how to act, repsect etc to each other and a very simplistic approach the the world. Friend or foe. If its not a friend its a foe, no middle ground. i would like to think its one that is also respectable in war, eg, not downgrading to petty insults to the enemy etc (well i would hope at least :) ). Overall it has a positive feel to it and to playing the game as the agonist.


While the Teddies and Musketeers have being busy there might be a new rising star in the Oceans of Gythuim. Settlers and warriors are asking them self, who are those Guys? I had some time left after my Interview with Metla Core so I set sails to Rabown Member and leader in this Alliance to ask him some question.


Before these Players started that Alliance they were mostly members of the defunctional NCT Alliance, as Rabown states. Due to differences in Philosophy with their old leader they decided to leave that Alliance and form the new Alliance “ Who are those Guys?”. Since their start they have gained Points in ranking and we can all be sure that they will hit the 1 Million mark soon. Before they came to this world they were huge fans of the Movie "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" and this is were they got their names from. When it comes to more detailed question such as “Where do you see your Alliance in a Month, or what they are aiming for” Rabown took a zip of his drink and told me that he will keep these plans for him self. We all can be sure about thing though, we will hear more about this Alliance and their Members in the future


Caristoles: 1. Hello Rabow (Insert name of whom answer the quesions) first of all let me ask who are you guys?
Rabown: As far as where we come from, we are mostly from the defunct NCT alliance and we have players from around the globe. We took all the top players with us, those that we had developed a working relationship and friendship with.
Caristoles: 3. With the War of TT vs. Musketeers and other major wars, where do you stay on this Topic? Where do you see you guys in the next month

Rabown: We keep our plans, our pacts and future strategies to ourselves.
Caristoles: can you make some statements about the wars whcih are occuring?
Rabown: I do not have any comment on wars or the like.

As I promised last week we will have a noob of the week. Each noob of the week will be nominated as noob of the month. After 4 Issues we will crown the noob of the month. This weeks Noob of the Week is Phears with an amazing and foolish attack. But take a look for your self and decide.


Basil was so kind to wrote a Poem which is not addressed to any specific Player or Alliance. But I am sure a lot of Players and Alliance can feel what he is saying. Thanks again to you Basil.

Where have you gone my friend?

An alliance was formed, many players joined in
this group of players made an alliance to win
and as time progressed, the alliance grew
it started fighting and many enemies it slew

To all of us, we considered you our friend
we would stay with you to the very end
but then, one by one, they started to go
our alliance expansion had started to slow

Next came the ghosts, what happened to him
just left us behind, seems he left on a whim
now daily we are seeing less friends playing
makes me wonder who else will be straying...​

With this, this weeks Issue of the Gythium Time is finished, see you next week. Till then good morning, good night and good fighting.


Good paper. This is an improvement. Very nicely set out and interesting. Keep up the good work.

Edit: After another read one thing i think that can still be improved is the pictures. Better set out and a bit of resizing would be great. Make them easier to see and make them stand out a bit more.

Hope the feed back helps
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