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Guys ill soon enough produce a newspaper for people to read, Check the Newspaper in World Ithaca (World 33) ive created great newspapers so ill create some here aswell to get some fun and action going :)
We need to know whats going on and etc, ill get interviews going on in this world :)


Awesome, feel free to interview me ingame if you want (R0fL PwN3d)


Yo, I would like to help you.
Lordweapon, you can help me alot, i cant play this world due to a brother playing in it already, ill give you interview questions for you to give to each alliance members, ill make them up and will message you in your inbox later on, could you do that for me :)


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ive created great newspapers
I don't think you can say that about your self... that one newspaper on Ithaca was just a lot of writing badly structured and with a poor format and an inability to put pictures in... the only content in it was just a break down of the top 12 alliances with a few interviews thrown in. Horrible on the eye with the only content something that would be more suited to a top 12 alliances thread. I mean you couldn't even spell edition right. If you want to brag about past newspapers at least make them decent. :rolleyes:


is the newspaper thing still on.

/hopes to see a version soon .. fingers crossed