Next World

Darth Akula

We need speed 4 revolt with dom ending thank u :p

No we don't. There's already 3 Revolt Dom worlds currently going. Idk where -EN124 is at in terms of closing/EG but 125 still has a while but it's already been won by a landslide. Based on what's available, I'd say the next to come out will be a CQest Dom world and at an S4+. With a slightly smaller chance of WW.

That said, I will fully hard press for an S6 CQest Dom world next (Mods/Devs). Please and thank you <3


They were probably in the process of making a new server for 3 weeks now so in my opinion it's a little late for that.

thats not how it works .. devs tell them a few days before they announce and they pick settings they see fit for the world .. they are fully capable of making this setting

Myrddin Emyrs

How about we get decent speed settings conquest and a world that actually gets filled up this 1000 2000 player crap is exactly that yrs back worlds had 5k players plus in it with oceans filled with players, you need to get back to that a world that has over a dozen oceans with players decent alliance amount and an endgame that doesnt finish within a yr maybe no endgame or even a different endgame that can be announced a yr into the world, just spit balling here


Ofc in first few years Grepo will be more filled with people than these days.... this happens to every game. You cant get the same numbers after 12 years. No matter what settings you are picking.

Then you need to Remake everything and even then i dont think that will help. Im actually surprised than there are still A LOT of players playing this game.


Just my 2 cents. If you’re going conq then let Sidon close. I think it’s less than a month from being over anyways. Which would make for an epic conquest world.


124 pretty much finished, besides when worlds are about to close people start to play on new worlds regardless.

I think a lot of people on my end of Sidon want to close it out first. Not sure how many others.