No big-time Charlies here!

Old Shep

Hi all,
I am a new player and I am starting an alliance for new players (up to 600 pts when joining).
By doing this, nobody will feel at a disadvantage by joining an alliance when they don't really know much about the game because neither will the other members.
We will grow together and share the knowledge that we gain.
The alliance is called "Barneticus Virtuiti" and is open to all new players.
Obviously there will be players in the alliance soon with ratings higher than 600 as they improve by playing the game but only players with ratings up to 600 may join.
If you like this idea, ask me to invite you. If you don't like it, good luck with the game anyway.
Have fun,
Old Shep.


Your Kidding Right...? theta Isn't For New Players.... Every Month We Get About 20 new Players... its Too Harsh For A new Player To Survive. a World War is Going to Start Anyways... You Might Just Want To Move it To World Pi.


When I joined I think I was one of the last allowed before Theta got closed for a time. I joined and the next day it was closed 0.o. Hell I made it even though I was Months behind the ones who started first.

Don't discourage someone looking for a challenge :) a new comer can really make a difference a month or two down the line. Hell what if he gets attacked by a bunch of noobs and beats em down then grows to conquer the core... By himself 0.o


i started on new years day an in 3 months i think i have done alright. but i wouldn't attempt it now like.