Proposal No-Gold World, but wait for it...

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    Preface- I understand that a no-gold world has been proposed before, and been shot down as well because as we all know, Inno is a COMPANY, and so they must make money somehow. Gold has been their bread and butter for making such revenue up till and including now, understandably so. There must be a strong alternative to avoid infringing upon gold revenue.

    But hear me out- A buy-in world with no gold, at top speeds. I'm talking fast speeds, where domination/wonders would be reached within ~4 months. Costs 20$ to enter(adjust for global currencies of course), and is over within a season(I'm a working student, I'd pay up to 30$ to play a world like this). This is at least worth beta testing.

    Nowadays the most popular triple A games are bought for an initial price(or free to play like Apex Legends, and yes I understand these are FPS games primarily), and then players can purchase an extended "Battle Pass" for extra perks, stats, skins, etc while playing their favorite game. I think the same mechanic and a potential for profitability with a level playing field can apply to this game.

    People think there are players who enjoy slow worlds(1 or 2 speed). I have not seen those players. I suspect those worlds are meant to irritate quick/impatient players(like me) into spending more gold so that they can emulate the feeling and pace of being in a 3 or 4 world. At least the good and experienced ones.

    So let the experienced, skilled, GOLD BUYING(like me) players go at it on an even playing field, and PROVE they are so skilled or experienced when everyone is given the same conditions. Now, the reason the world needs to be super fast is so that it's over before Inno's upkeep costs overtake the revenue made from the 20$ or so entry fee(we're talking like a 4/5 month world or less without it being so fast it drives people nuts). This is also so that if/when you get rimmed in the first day after beginner's protection is over, you can try again and it's easier to catch up so you didn't just waste your money. You could really pull this off if you manage to get 500+ players into a world.

    Here's the juice.

    High speed world(I don't know the algorithms but probably something along the lines of 6 or 7, so that it takes a CS 45 minutes to reach the next island over, and you're at a 2-3K res/hour rate at level 20)
    Conquest/Revolt(Conquest would probably fare better, but with immediate takeover on ghost towns. A CQ would last 4-6 hours)
    Set night bonuses at 100-150% (22:00-10:00 so people can get some sleep goodness gracious!)
    Island Quests are exclusively for hero coins
    Morale active, maybe even intensified
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    Alliance Cap at 20 or 25
    Only random locating to prevent premade alliances

    Here's the big part: I've played beta worlds where you started with like 5 towns at different levels(I loved those worlds). Let's try that here but~

    3 towns all at the same level(big enough to be CQ ready in 48 hours, small enough to still be customizable) like level 20 resources, 15 Senate, 10 Warehouse, 5 Market, 5 Temple, 5 Harbor, 5 Barracks, 16 Academy. This allows people to focus on building up just a little bit more, then customizing their research, specializing cities, and getting right to building armies/nukes (skipping the bs of grinding away building). People will be conquering 1 or 2 cities a day.

    All players would have a week or so before a pre-set date to buy into the world, join the server, see what's what, then the purchase window would close. Players inside will have 1 or 2 days beginner protection to create alliances with who's around them(only random location allowed) and start building. This prevents pre-made alliances by only having random placement, so you gotta work with who you've got around you(sure you can ghost yourself and try again to get to your friends, but that gives the people around you free cities with minimal competition!) Then it would begin on the set date/time(best to probably start it on a Saturday); at which point people can start attacking and conquering. Kind of like prepping the starting line to a race. It will probably still take another two or three days before we would see colony ships launch.

    Worlds/Servers would have to be exclusive to countries/regions to maintain adequate time-zone fairness and sense (North/South America, East/West Europe, Australia, etc).

    You can still colonize but you won't have the pre-upgraded city. You would start at 997 points like usual. This would keep colonization for strategic/situational purposes only.

    Battle points are still in effect here. They could even be augmented(for example 500-600 BP per culture point) so that you don't have everyone CSing everyone all the time. Festivals/Plays still possible, but perhaps 1.5x-2x the cost. Once again, no gold. This means no Olympic Games(or converting them to a resource/research cost)

    On terms of farming villages, keep them the same. They will be useful for the first week or two, becoming gradually more redundant as people gather more cities. The fast speed will keep the warehouses filling up.

    Abuse Prevention:
    If there are plot holes/exploitable aspects to this, I'm open to discuss them and solve them of course. I'm sure there are things I'm missing, and details to be fleshed out(like what to do with city buffs).

    We are entering an era of faster paced gaming. Sure there are some who prefer a more casual play style, and they can have that in gold worlds. But for those of us who really want to showcase our skill and build strong bonds with other players through this game, I think a fast, non-gold world without pre made alliances is the way to go; especially if you enjoy a change of pace and a challenge. This may even revitalize the player base of individual markets, instead of everyone piling into the EN servers trying to play with people who can't speak their language.
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    i don't have the means to buy in to play this potential world but i think its a great idea.