No mra


Everyone is saying they are elites but when they are not.

TO stop this movement i have made my own alliance there i also say it elite.But not to get members but as it is i have 3 members more with me in my alliance but then also we are more farther than alliances with 6-10 members this means elite players who really like to play and believe in team which is small then also the best.

sirius black 007

Take the black

I have an alliance named "Take the black". We're not MRA. Just 7 players who recently started. We all are around 1000 pts and would be rocking soon.

I used to play this game around a year before then I left and now I'm back. I don't remember which world I played. :p

So just come and join my gang we can do great.

We all are in ocean 53.



i meant our friends who start their alliances...did i +rep you ach


he is angry for me not addint his name in the milestone


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achilles, so you don't -rep back either?
Not unless it's worth it...

Mad? You added my name? :p i was simply saying repping me with;

'superbuilder please sign back'.

Will not endeavor me to rep you and i will - rep you back.