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I might went too far with all of this, I admit. It really doesn't matter to me. But I'm not wrong like "destabilizer of worlds" is. :)
Anyway, hope you all enjoyed the drama. Might visit the forums again in a few years.
Thats ok, i can be wrong. Lets drop it ;)


Funny TEE fight good, which can not be said for Invicta and seeing Invicta members speculating from their canibalising waters is a bit ridiculous

P.S. All the best to TEE in RL - I really do hope you'll reconsider and regroup to stay here
still heated from that L you took in pags I see.


Hehe thats a nice nickname. Maybe i should use it for future worlds. So far i have been a dictator, destabilizer of worlds and now im an egotripping gangstarapping guy. Those smaller unorganized alliances, were twice our size if you add up their points. Its not our fault you do not know how to play the game or for your leaders sake, know how to lead.

Yes i sent you a nice MM, offered you a home in an organized alliance. Some took up the offer, others like yourself wanted to relocate and then later come back asking for an invite. You did not get it, get over it. I can take criticism, but what i cant take is fakeness. Few weeks ago you wanted to join us, and now you talk **** about us.

Our DBP speaks for itself, you can check the stats if you click on ranking and then defense (alliance)

Some withstood the pressure TEE put on them, others got rimmed or ran out of 55. Everyone can see who belongs in the first category and who belongs in the second
lets be honest though, Invicta dbp is top of the line :D


All the most interesting waits for us ahead.The information that wrote on the forum about the Russian type, that there are bots and so on like in real life not confirmed.However, I am sure that the same bots and gold Fox will not save Invista .Well, at least for the reason that against a strong opponent is more fun to play.But against someone with a gold just playing against you and even more.So we will see.And the fact that the Russian type are gone now the cunning plan of Putin.
I see, you say Invicta are golders and that's why they beat you up. As far as I know using gold is allowed. Even TEE can use it. Really!

But wait... you had not enough rubles to afford it? That's must be due to 5 min farming for whole days and nights which didn't allow you to work. Because that's how you get unlimited amounts of resources with so low levels of timbers, quaries and mines, right?


[Цитата="Lilithka, должность: 1031039, член: 33675"]я вижу, вы говорите о invicta являются голдерс и вот почему они избили тебя. Насколько я знаю, используя золото разрешено. Даже футболка может использовать его. Действительно!

Но подождите... у вас не хватит рублей, чтобы себе это позволить? Это должно быть из-за 5 мин, культур для целые дни и ночи, которые не позволяют работать. Потому что вы получите неограниченное количество ресурсов с таким низким уровнем пиломатериалы, quaries и шахтах, верно?
Я был избит двумя Союза.Вы знаете.Про золото.Я просто высказал свое мнение, что они используют его, и боты.Что касается отсутствия я тру, что Вы ошибаетесь.Используйте их для более полезных вещей.
I was beaten by two of the Union. You know. For gold. I just expressed my opinion that they are using it, and the bots. As for the absence I rub you that you are mistaken. Use them for more useful things.
(translation for those who can't read the above, like me)

but, um, English, please, per forum rules


keeled suhu ja euroopasse....o_O
it is nice the threat , not have any subject...can talk what ever like...
mabe what russian seed, only for some eyes not for secret i can tell, he talked about money and rankings...nothing bad for others

be cool...
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