Nods nutty awards


Alright so given the amount of awesomeness, achievements, comedians, creepers, and of course idiots here in pella i've decided to make a small awards list for this week. depending on how good it goes i may make more in the future everyones choice.

Ill start with the Awesomeness Award.
This one goes to Tyroneblack not sure what he did but 303 fighter sqaudron got turned into a bunch of little cats over night :)

Next will come the Comedian Award
I think this should go to Valaghar for his display in the forums earlier on over the "poaching" incident you can see this in Saphire Sarrows PnP.

Speaking of "poaching" that is our next award the Creeper Award!
this one goes to deathwish for totally trying to creep on Sapphire Sorrow's members and "poach" them dude get back in the van saphy's children ain't watch yo candy (;

Now onto Achievements
I think this goes to a team this week White Eagles for ending that silly dispute between LoPE and AoE good work but do us a favor...shut the annoying ones up next time (;

which brings us to the Idiot Award
this one was a close one because just about EVERYONE says something somewhat stupid during a week however the award goes to Brickstaylor and Bacon for thinking they some how defeated AoE yet despite getting their butts royally kicked...congratulations on achieving absolutely nothing enjoy the fall out from White Eagles...


Haha I really like the idiot award, I feel it should of gone exclusively to bricks though. He put on the biggest display of ignorance I have seen since snoopwins on the corinth externals.


Mk. Now that everything has been put out in the open now put it behind you. If this is just going to turn into another ss vs you guys thread ill just lock it. You guys made your statements, she has made her retort, thats the end of it. Keep this about The nutty awards like ss actually tried to do above or take it to pm.

EDIT: Thread cleaned and arguements/spam moved to the jerry springer thread.
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saph ill inbox you in game.

everyone else as according to metal's wishes direct this back to the topic...which is either liking, disliking, or doing what saph did and helping to improve it.

metal if you get a second can you send all arguements to the jerry springer thread please? thank you :)


Wow, nodcrush, i am truly honoured to be awarded your comedian award. +rep coming your way for that and now i just want to win the master detective teacup Sapphire is awarding if i can guess who Anonymous is!