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This thread is for everybody so they can get some cheap laughs at how noobish some people can be :p

From time to time when we feel like it, we will post some funny posts for everybody to laugh at...

Heres our laugh of the day, voted in by NOOBS

Cyrus Yavari 26.10.2011 xx:xx

WHat do you mean? What NOOBS situation? They are marked as an enemy because they attack us. There is no situation. They dont like us. They dont want us in thier ocean. Do you see how manny pacts I have? Do you know how manny they have? We are not even going to war with them. If they want to attack us thats not up to us. But we dont plan to attack them unless you need the bp or are ready to conquer a new city. Alot of large alliances plan on attacking them though. Not because of anything I said but what they have caused. many are working together against them. They suck at this game I told you. Its because thier leadership has no sence of polotics. Dont worry no problem exsists


This message is from the newb who was reset a few days ago by us

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There was once a guy on the forums who said you can tell what a player has researched in his city from a spy report. I found that quite funny :p



There was once a guy on the forums who said you can tell what a player has researched in his city from a spy report. I found that quite funny :p
There was also a guy on forum, who couldnt read properly...

and yes alot of times you can see what is researched on a spy report...

But thats info we wont give out to newbs ;)


Let's not start this again shall we? It was pointless the first time, and a second time would be no different.

I must admit though, Fhibner, your post saying you weren't playing and your apparent reason for it. Made my day =] How are your basement duties going anyway?


Lets stop spamming this thread and only use it for laughs ;)

This is one way communications thread


Haha if i played the world i would have kept the conversation going by pm. Ah you see your not a noob as you claim to be :p

Yes its a good under the hood might get the basement pimped up :cool:
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Ahh he's changed his name. He's usually under the alias 'Cyrus Khan' and is founder of the Shadow Assassin Legion along with its academies, they join every world. Yeah a noob i'd say.

Mini Me Leto



How in the name of our holy lord did we end being hated by so many just because we do not wish pacts with every Newbie alliance on this serve?

:heh: We may suck, but i wish not to use the word that may describe how bad that makes the rest of you look


lol som intel to who needs it

Cyrus Yavari 03.11.2011 03:28
We come together here to destroy this joke of an alliance. The Shadow Organization welcomes its pact mates here to fasillitate the destruction of our enemys. Happy hunting. Any of my members who wish to join in this venture please contribute ;)

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RuthlessK Evil Management 03.11.2011 03:37
We should make preparation in progress against these alliance. Their Location, their Core, etc. Ill put something up later.

nochrome TITAN 03.11.2011 05:02
I appreciate your support in this matter. The Saxons are very spread out and there are 3 in ocean 66, which are no threat, there strongest member hcegneris in 53.

kopcat11 is their diplomat

51R Fraggle is the initial problem that caused us all to come together. I attacked him, basically to provoke the entire alliance, he has no troops and a city wall of 3. Take that little nugget of information and do with it what you will.

Frood shares an island with Fraggle, and I am in the process of convincing him to abandon his group to assist us. Either that, or I may offer him amnesty in return for spying on his buddies.

These are the notable members as of late.

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Cyrus Yavari 03.11.2011 05:15
Very good. Sharpen our blades with this trash and then continue on to the next target. We continue on like this we will rule this world. I will add aliances as we go. If any object to any added alliance please message me as soon as you notice them. We must all agree on members. Most will be large enough that there will be nothing to agree about. But if you feel that any new group is unworthy to be considered major powers then let me know and we will resolve it.

emad24 TITAN 03.11.2011 05:32
hi guys i have 3 members of saxons on my island but i don't have enough troops to fight with them
LwA--BrickWaLL-- 654 points he invite me before to join his alliance but i come to Titans.
51R Fraggle (532 points)
Frood (641 points)

we are 3 Titans in my island
me and raptorjian (865 points) and duledududule (1063 points)

nochrome TITAN 03.11.2011 05:36
Do not attack Frood until you hear back from me. I have asked him to spy on the saxons for us. If he declines, then he is fair game, if he accepts and then stabs us in the back then I would like to crush him second after 51r Fraggle. After all, we need to send the right message.

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Maksuz TITAN 03.11.2011 05:38
two of those three are wiped clean, i am just unsure who is empty, who is not. message them (raptor, dule) - they know, they are farming them heavily.

nochrome TITAN 03.11.2011 05:47
I know Fraggle is active, he got upset with me earlier. It was kind of funny.

Frood is less active, but I have spoken with him twice. The third member has not answerd, or read for that matter, the messages I have sent.

EADZ1 Evil Management 03.11.2011 05:55

Darkenrale TITAN 03.11.2011 06:37
Just a suggestion guys
I think we need to negotiate a pact with The Heroes Guild they have some members of 2000 points. With that development they might be able to lend us a hand in targeting some of the stronger targets of the Saxons alliance.

nochrome TITAN 03.11.2011 06:42
We need to be very careful with them, they are very aggressive. I have had interaction with them before and it was kind of sketchy. Ill talk to the guy I know over there.

Update: They are not interested in any pacts

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Maksuz TITAN 03.11.2011 07:30
ok, small update on that island: frood was not attacked yet, LwA--BrickWall and 51R Fraggle are wiped clean of troops (and res, hehe).

Cyrus Yavari 03.11.2011 08:45
The The Heroes Guild Dont want any friends. I think we do better to work together. We can stand against all others if we stand together.

nochrome TITAN 03.11.2011 08:51
We have a spy!

nochrome on 2011-11-03 at 00:47
Because of your alliances failure at diplomacy, you have now became a target because of your banner. Abandon them, and request an invite into my alliance and we will not destroy you.

Frood on 2011-11-03 at 03:39

Thank you for the warning.

I am new to Greopolis, first server first village first alliance. etc etc

Could you tell me what the alliance has done to offend you and yours?


nochrome today at 06:17
I didnt like how they talked to me or one of my members. I will send you an invite, you can join or not up to you.

nochrome today at 10:33
I wish to recant my invite. How would you like to play a very pivotal role in a huge battle. I wish to recruit you to be a spy for the War Council, which is made up of (currently & growing) us, the TITANs and two other very powerful groups. If you dont believe me look at the big map, and all the red dots on your screen are my friends, and your enemies. In return for you spying for us, you will not be attacked, and when the Saxons have been crushed, you can join forces with me and receive a special title for your role in this war. Your job will be to report to me the plans of the Saxons against the members of the War Council. I do not want this information shared, I do want you to be the reason this war is a landslide in the War Councils favor.

Frood today at 13:34
It would probably be too obviuos if I am the only Saxon on the Island not getting attacked. Could attacks be sent while I am online so I can dodge them or can the dodge facility be made automatic and any stolen resources returned?

nochrome today at 13:40
we can fake attacks on you. Is this your acceptance?

Frood today at 13:43
it would be better if they were real attacks and I dodged them to be honest if that can be arranged. duledududule seems to be public enemynumber one at the moment.

nochrome today at 13:49
I will let my friends know thanks for your help this will be appreciated.

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hitesh jha TITAN 03.11.2011 09:17
as far as i understood this message, frood is with us, isn't it?

nochrome TITAN 03.11.2011 09:37
Thats what Im seeing in it.

Bone-Crusher TITAN 03.11.2011 09:43
It looks like that,but still dont let your guard down.
By the way,I hate spies.Usually while I was playing on Lambda I would kill first those players that I had spied,and then I would remove the spy as well,coz my politic is "the one that betrays his brothers doesnt deserve to live".
But still I guess since this world has just begun and this guy is playing for the first time I guess we could actually give him a chance...

nochrome TITAN 03.11.2011 09:54
When he can no longer serve us as a spy, we will decide what to do with him then. He may be a good dude in a bad spot. He could be stabbing us in the back as I type this message. His true colors will show, and its not like he volunteered for this role. I say lets give him enough rope to hang himself.

Bone-Crusher TITAN 03.11.2011 09:56
Couldnt agree more.

emad24 TITAN 03.11.2011 10:03
I'm with Bone-Crusher in this matter, plus we will not be able to trust him if he come in our alliance he may betray us too.
we can avoid to attack him if he give us a good informations even we can support him but about become a member i don't think so


why did i have to read all that?

this thread is meant to be funny not a game of who's the bigger idiot


aww, 'sif you cut off that rant before you got to my contribution :(


I can't believe I actually sat here and read this entire thing....