Noob looking for an alliance

Discussion in 'Baris Alliances' started by DuPatron, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. happyshazam

    happyshazam Guest

    BT scared the living crapp outta me....
  2. warrener

    warrener Guest

    im also looking for an alliance 054/055 boarder.
  3. nukedog

    nukedog Guest

    I got kinda dizzy
  4. warrener

    warrener Guest

    still wanting an alliance. south 054/064 border
  5. puthia

    puthia Guest

    Didn't you search for any alliance????
  6. warrener

    warrener Guest

    i had some invites i rejected and i also did join an alliance but i could not follow some forum posts as the guy writing was not the best at english (i did explain this before walking out). the others i looked at say we will contact you if there intrested.

    i dont want to swap alliance after alliance i need 1 good alliance

    ill just keep building until then
  7. puthia

    puthia Guest

    Talk to some leaders of some alliances! Definitely, there must be at least one good leader there!