NOOB pnp

AXE murderer1

The almight NOOBS who came out at the start with guns blazing and kicking *** they started to attack my alliance Area 51 once BP ended.

A few days after i joined i got a message of Kraniet but he had to lie to try and scare me and my alliance.

I had to forward this message to my alliance to show them the lies as the day before I was offered a NAP with BE which obviously Kraniet didnt know.

Once BP ended NOOBS started to pounded us with attacks. We had to retaliate so i started it off and my members followed with half a dozen spy reports. And then the attacks came:

My member was unlucky but he still has troops remaining to hit him when hes offline

These attacks will continue to come. We dont care if NOOBS retaliate they only farm inactive players with half there points al least my members will attack players bigger than them.

Dont worry more to come and i can prove we have more spy reports if anyone else wants them.

NOOBS shall fall. They are newbies who are trying to look good and spending to much money on gold and everyone can see they are doing it. My alliance doesnt need Gold to wipe out your forces
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Pretty sure you're not supposed to post anyone's troops on the forum. I'd fix that asap before a mod gives you hell.

AXE murderer1

i will update more reports and stuff like that later stay tuned

AXE murderer1

2nd Edition Of The PnP

Many days after Byzantium had launched people had expected NOOBS to dominate the world. They did for all of a week and spent so much gold that Id say in that alliance there has been more gold spent than in Phi or Rho maybe put together. Even though they spent thousands of gold there biggest player conquered an inactive imagine and the players city was smaller than a city you could colonise.
Our attacks and spies are flowing in still on NOOBS

once again that hobo comes out dominant in the battle as you can see from the report(ps look at the city name)

They may have the bigger players(cough cough**sim city) but we have proven once again dominant


Pretty sure you're not supposed to post anyone's troops on the forum. I'd fix that asap before a mod gives you hell.
There is no rule to this effect. in fact if he wanted to he could be tactless and edit it to make it look better. This is pnp... as long as its not personal insults or inappropriate content it doesnt matter.

He can hide or show whatever and whomever troops he wants... then again... so can you.


I love joining new worlds just because of all the drama like this. :D

R0fL PwN3d

Why would you care if the spy reports were successful? He cleared the player, which was his objective.


First I must say you alliance is so great!
And it's nice to see a nice guy as you who keep members who are inactive:)


lol do your best axe

we still look at you as a joke, eveyboddy nows the truth, your alli is going down fast, but i respekt you traying to hang in ther.

If i got the energy i will put the name and pm s off all your playres who want to change ally
but ypu can rest easy the over 340 attacks wher we have taken you out, we dont border to show them.

waste off time


Love this thread.
It is good to see what players have on their walls.
Keep those reports coming Axe.