NOOB pnp



yes lads, and we respekt that, just those who not got the guts to show them selfs when the are talking, i newer even border to comment that, thier menings dosent count.


Im with Area 51...kinda...personally i think we may lose, as they are conquering one of our members as we speak... :( ...which is why im trying away...:eek:
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LOL yea from our one citys

But you dont have to run its only, AXE who is going down, but we have to clean up, but now he told me he is ganging up whit the REB so now we have to take (K)care of them as well
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R0fL PwN3d

Maybe Hagop is just talking on the forums but doesn't play Byz. ingame.

Hagop abroumian

Hey I just love you guys that's why I even post so I can be up to date and if you want to face me you should have came to O54 in Athens when it opened too sad that it is too late to join Athens though :(


You can post anyone's troops, i do it all the time. Yeah pretty much what Hagop said, come round to Athens and we'll show you hows its done :) Area 51- yeah not the most perfect alliance, if the settings were better you would have seen what kind of players would have joined and how hard you would have found it.

Does anyone from NOOBS care to place some reports around here? One last thing, you conquered a 700 point city? WTH?! :p


Kraniet game just started now!
And I will not call the reasons why you got his city!



If we joined Athens you would had got your asses kicked just as much...

We are all way out of your league

This is Byz server, we started here and are kicking your asses, now you are telling us that we should play athens lol...

If u too scared to play here, fair enough, but dont post on the forum either then

Just makes u look stupid... Your boss Axe just got reset ;)

The Chris Mouse

It is surely amazing how fare we have come as civilization.
What i do not understand is, why are Axe weeping like a baby.
Showing spy reports and battle reports. What does it show? I do not know..
Spy me.. Your only price would be knowing how many troops are not pounding your door. Because it is only the Shy Guys who stay home to entertain Spies.
Stop whining and try taking some time playing the game instead of using all your time on Forum Posts. You are seriously wasting all of our time and we need you building some troops to give us BP

By the way.
We do not know you, You do not know, anything about us.


Interesting Thread. I have been watching it lately. Learning quite a bit actually concerning the personality traits of some of the Alliance Leaders. Intel is going into my Profiling Reports. Thanks. :) Yeah, I am a newbie to this game, been playing for less than a week. Feel free to check me out on the grepolis stats page etc. My Player name is same as my Forum name. Unfortunately I did not know enough about the game mechanics in the beginning to choose a better location. Or I would be more involved with what is currently occurring. Prolly for the best really, as this gives me a better chance to learn the game mechanics while fighting in the Rim and thus gaining more sound experience for later worlds.

Some items of note here. NOOBS is handling themselves quite well in my opinion. They are tight nit, competent and they do not need to post silly reports to show how much they are kicking. Their Ratings are proof enough. Also, in regards to the Player Riddle whom conquered a city etc etc. Very wise play in my book. The more cities, the more resources that can be gleaned for further domination of ones enemies. This FACT seems to be overlooked by NOOBS opponents... It will cost them dearly.

This game like all of the other games like it that I have played in is a Strategy Game. Its a game of wits, activity, teamwork and much besides. The Objective is to WIN! This is not Tiddly Winks or Shoots and Ladders. If you want to play Shoots and Ladders or other such children's games feel free to do so. Mercy in such a game is weakness and a form of suicide. Play to win. Winning is fun. Losing... Not so much fun. I wish you All well and good luck.

Respectful Regards,


I wouldn't put to much on the threads of some of the alliance leaders, you can get where i am coming from by reading some of the posts but i like the enthusiasm of a new player.
Welcome to the crazy world of Grepo friend.
And yes you are right no alliance needs to spout how good they are and if they are then it shows they feel like they need to improve their public persona, and again you are right it doesn't always work.

Monkeyz Gone Wild

i was reading through the threads of Byzantium by the way that NOOBS are acting they seem like they would fail and are really hated by most alliances

Hagop abroumian

They are hated but it doesn't mean they will fail only time can tell.