Noobiest mistake


I am stealing this idea of someone else, so i dont claim this forum but just putting it here as it is not here!

What is the worse noob mistake you have made in Sigma so far

Mine is i sent out an attack and when the city i was attacking sent one out at the same time i recalled my troops but forgot to clear my city and lost over 150 slinger .....DUHHH

Also my friend called for wood from my god but instead of clicking on the correct botton i knocked down his wall...he never forgave me:(


I went to bed one night and sent my troops to another city nearby to dodge an attack that was 27 (roughly) mins away.
I woke up and thought..wheres the report
So i recalled my troops and went to get up
Of course if takes ages to get up so i slowly crawled out of bed
Thats when i realised, OH MUTHER CUP, its only 11:20, i have been asleep for only 30 mins
Thats i thought...OH SIZZLING BURGERS i have an attack inbound
By this time it was too late
I had lost all my troops!!!

tHe eNd
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how about lightning strike on your own city - fortunately it hit my mother-in-law's house


That's the noobist mistake?

Take my previous neighbour on my island

##### today at 12:32:52
WT.F . I Went to bed and no attack in sight. I wake up 9 hours later and you own my city. WT.F #### ##### ##### #### ### you### ### [i'd get another warning if I said that]. I"M GOING TO #### on your head next time I see you.


Accidently missing my city and casting happiness on some 200 pointer, who probably had a full warehouse.


I sent three spies from different cities to spy out a potential 6k city in order to conquest. When the spy reports came in, it turns out I have spied on the 500 pt city next to my target. Two out of the three spies went to the wrong city. The one that went to the correct city failed. Duh.


Timed a LS nuke to land 1 second before my CS, I was really happy, until 10 minutes later I noticed my LS is attacking the player next to the city my CS is heading to. They both had Greek player names with lots of 'athos' etc. My LS cleared the harbour, my CS got cleared at the harbour.


mine was attacking a 1400 point city (easy bp right) with 600 slingers......
i lost them alll
and to top that off i used my other city 300 horse and 150 slingers to get a 1600 point city it also got cleared........ i was made.. took me days to rebuild.... then i saw that the morale was ever so low....
then attacked the 1400 point city yet again right after i lost my 600 slingers with an aditional 200plus slingers i lost those tooo.......................
got alot of bp idk how but still...................


Attacking a 3000 point city I lost 2600 slingers, 8 manticores, 14 catapults and 100 horses. I had 7 cities, but did not know what morale was... :(

super fast

you lost 2600 slingers? really? and 100 horse? and 14 cats? how big is your city, 500 points?


Hmm noobiest mistake... Hmm for this world sigma I would say was my first conquer attempt was right after rugby practice...

So still dazed and beat up I went to plan my attacks. Anyways I sent the attacks etc... had to wait about 4 hours to send support since only had the one CS attack from having just one city.

Well I logged back on and realized I forgot to send my CS SHIP!!!!!!!!!! This was an active player too... So the CS ship landed I hit milita and deffensive troops Now this could have been avoided if...

I had to wait about 30 mins to cast heroic power which in fact would have made me win the battle...

But the trip was so short that when I logged on that I lost my troops.

So lesson is...

make sure you click all the troops you need before sending support and attacks :)

That was my noob mistake.


you lost 2600 slingers? really? and 100 horse? and 14 cats? how big is your city, 500 points?
As I stated I had 7 cities when that happened I thought it was obvious that I attacked from several cities...


i had a certain window to send my CS while still being awake, I wanted to use call of the ocean to speed up my CS construction time, So i queued my CS and did call of the ocean, forgetting that every order in the harbor is sped up when queued AFTER call of the ocean is activated.

either that or not telling my ally that I was taking a city and then having him clear my conquer attempt while he was trying to keep the city clear for me.


Well the noobiest mistake that happen to me is when the alliance Death Before Dishonor has tried to conquer my city three times and has failed because they sent only biremes.:eek:

The amazing thing is they sent only 20 to destroy my navy which was only 9 biremes,and they still destroyed his/hers cs and everything they sent with it

Everyone knows you do not attack with biremes they are useless

It has taken awhile to get my cs in this city I was going for.By time I got it in the city I was afraid I would not have enough support.But when I went and looked at troops movement I see about 4 incoming support from his alliance.

So now my city is stocked up with troops and biremes:p
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the noobiest mistake ive came across was when i sent a random attack out to a city and found a cs sitting in the harbour with no bireme support at all...

easy bp yum yum...!!!