noobs and there cheap shots

Zero Point

well me and my rank 25 alliance have now taken 4 cities from the rank 5 alliance phalanx noob power

and I think we will take a few more just for good measure seeing as they are so gutless.

we revolt there players and what do these heros of grepo do plauges and lightning bolts.

imo grepo is supposed to be a game of skill and stratergy were the best organised and daring team wins. I much prefer to have respect for my opponent as a skilled adversary than have to jump on forums and publicly humiliate alliance leaders for acting like childish noobs.
but if they wish to waste there favour on me then fine it will only help us as they will have less to buff there defences :pro:

my mail to there leader

if you act like a noob

today at 12:56

you get humbled on externals

I find it disrespectfull to bolt players and plague them and so do most vets.

maybe we will meet on the battlefield were the best man/woman can win and if we do and im beaten ill congratulate you for being the better player. there is no shame in losing just in how you lose!

case closed :)

well the spells are still coming but I don't mind ive just taken a nice 7k city from them :)

still attacking me with spells is a bit like trying to kill a rouge elephant with a pea shooter lol

keep up the good work guys your skill and stratergy is paying dividends, well for me at least

Ive just received a mail from the player ive just taken the city from and he at least has a mature attitude and has my respect for a good defence. after so many cheep shots the mail was a refreshing and welcomed surprize.

thanks meckuy your a gentleman and a worthy opponent.
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I am not afraid of rainbow ponies. They do not exist. :D

Zero Point

I am not afraid of rainbow ponies. They do not exist. :D
well your quite safe for now as your cities are over 24hrs away ;)

Quote from your profile

The Misfits, you are good but you took on more than you can chew. You are the weakest link. Goodbye!!

in your profile you seem to be taking credit for the demise of misfits (normaly to take credit you do have to of at least attacked an alliance) 5/ nill is quite a chewed up bite

misfits merged into art of war as I have freinds there from previous servers ive played. xene and myself ran several successful joint ops on Knossos as leaders of our two alliances. as allies we worked well together it will be nice to see what we can achieve here working in the same alliance.
grepo is a game for tacticians op's merges politics they are all ways to gain strategicly and like chess it is always best to think a few moves ahead and keep your opponent on the back foot.


Talking of Noobs, good to see De Danske Vikinger have returned. After already being anhialated once in Ocean 54, they have returned, this time they are taking the novel approach of trying to conquer the entire world at once. :D