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Proposal: The ability to filter Notifications

Have you Checked the DNS and PSI lists in the Archives? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested? not really. I've seen a proposal about filtering reports but not notifications...

Reason: when i cast resource spells my notification stream gets clogged up A LOT. it also gets clogged up by other information i'm not actually intrested in or already know i have done it.

Details: Players will have the ability to chose which notifications are shown on the stream and which are just put into the reports section. such as turning off notifications of spells, turning off notifications of building work, turning off notifications of medals etc.

Visual Aids:
Grepolis notification filter.jpg< (press on image to get bigger pic) this is all i could think of for the moment :)

Balance: this will not greatly affect the game. just make it more organised.

Abuse Prevention: can't really see any way this could be used to cheat...

Summary: having this in the game will make checking up on your cities a lot simpler and more efficient. please add your comments and opinions :)
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I agree...they have a small bit of this (choose whether you want building notifications) but nothing on the grand scale.

Please implement this!!!



Excellent idea, a natural improvement of the report system.

+rep :)



well seeing as this has been implemented in the system now i guess this thread has become kind of irrelevant.. :p