NUbz(Official Recruitment Thread)

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Now that Annie hasn't shown or made Nubz I'll be taking charge.

For those who are in NUbz this is the proper alliance so join! And for those whom aren't in NUbz take this time to apply and hopefully join.

Our IG Profile:

Well hello there, it seems you have stumbled across [ally]NUbz[/ ally]...

We are a Democratic alliance, who aim for glory and success in the Nu world.

We are all experienced players from different parts of Grepolis.

This alliance will be strong, tight knit and fierce.

Recruitment: Open- Message [player]NUbolph[/ player] with your application and grepostats link(Under all accounts) and we only recruit from the South East direction.

Diplomacy Closed-Diplomatic relations are now closed until BP ends.

We are open to mergers, allies and PACTS as long as it is benefical. We have leadership positions open for experienced and useful players, so go ahead, join!

[ally]NUbz[/ ally]

This is a serious alliance with experienced players so either PM(Forums/In game) me or drop a note here with why you want to be in NUbz.

Note-My In-Game name is "NUbolph" and we are only recruiting from 055 at the time being ;)


Thomas - Since when did I say you should take charge.... Jarpenguin is the next in line... So stop thinking you are.


well if there not here they why can't he take charge?