Newspaper Nysa Chronicles Issue 4


MONDAY, APRIL 28, 2014
Issue No. 4​

In this issue:
World News
In-Depth: Alliance Analysis
Fun Section
Wheel of Fortune

This week we saw Zombies and Blood Crown disband. Zombies disbanded due to bad leadership. Most of their players joined Tidal Surge (and Family) making them rank 1 now. Blood Crown members after being bashed by Acid Reign, joined Warlords increasing their ranks as well. Very few joined Knight who say NI.
As for War stats Pandamonium and Warlords took on The Dark Side. TDS lost many cities even after receiving support from Tidal Surge and Acid Reign. Most of TDS players have now joined Acid Reign (and Family) increasing their presence in Ocean 44. AR war with HARPOON still continues. A few other wars too continue.
Just an update on alliances who have sister/brother alliances.
Tequila Mockingbird has 2 other alliances, Tequila Shots and Tequila Sunrise.
Knights who say NI has 3 as well, Trolls who say NI, Let there be SIN and Grumpy Trolls say NI.
Tidal Surge has 1, Tidal Surge2.
Beltaine has 1 as well, Beltane.
Acid Reign too has 1, Acid Reign..
Morning Glory and Midnight Glory are a family as well.

Tidal Surge
Tidal Surge 2

641st (TS)
2nd (TS2)
544th (TS)
10th (TS2)
Battle Points
ABP - 420,646 (TS) 102,114 (TS2)
DBP - 61,390 (TS) 36,827 (TS2)

Tidal Surge currently controls Ocean 64 with more than 300 cities in it. The first and only opposition they faced in Ocean 64 was Tequila Shots who after losing 14 cities dissolved and was reborn as the current Tequila bunch who's resurrection did little to nothing against the fight with TS. The majority of cities deep in Ocean 54 are from former members of Zombies who are now migrating to 64 or near the border. Where a lot of conquest have been happening.

Knights who say NI
Let There Be Sin
Trolls who say NI
Grumpy Trolls say NI

541st (NwsN)
5th (LTBS)
8th (TwsN)
532nd (NwsN)
3rd (LTBS)
5th (TwsN)
11th (GTsN)
Battle Points
ABP - 304,699 (KwsN) 100,419 (LTBS) 61,906 (TwsN) 13,328 (GTsN)
DBP - 128,793 (KwsN) 69,032 (TwsN) 38,855 (LTBS) 13,628 (GTsN)
Knights who say NI are mainly concentrated in the Northeast border between Oceans 53 and 54. Around 60 percent of their cities are located in Ocean 54 and 6 percent of their cities are located outside Oceans 53 and 54 scattered all over the place. Similar to TS, Knights overpowered HUSARIA right from the start. In this case however HUSARIA despite the heavy losses managed to stay together up until April 24 when players began leaving in masses.

Acid Reign
Acid Reign.

445th (AR.)
7th (AR)
542nd (AR)
9th (AR.)
454th (AR.)
10th (AR)
554th (AR)
5th (AR.)
Battle Points
ABP - 383,886 (AR) 196,524 (AR.)
DBP - 202,485 (AR) 100,926 (AR.)

After the disbandment of The Dark Side, a lot of its members joined Acid Reign giving it more territory in Ocean 54. However, their core still remains in the 54-55 border which is divided by the Grepolis Triangle. They were able to hold first place for a while until Zombies disbanded and helped TS and Knights grow past them even after they recruited a lot of members from TDS. Their war against BLOOD CROWN is now over as BC has now disbanded. Their new enemy is HARPOON.

Battle Points
ABP - 360,745
DBP - 74,308

Pandamonium was one of the reasons for TDS disbandment after taking 25 cities from them. The majority of their cities are located in Ocean 44 but they still hold a small amount in 54. Most of their cities in 44 are located on the south part of the ocean where some of the top alliances also have a good bunch of cities. They took 3 cities from Acid Reign but the Refugee Rule might have been in place in order to avoid problems between the two alliances.

The Nazgul
Battle Points
ABP - 389,967
DBP - 97,913

The Nazgul is mainly located in the Southern part of Ocean 53 and some of its cities cross the 53-54 border. Despite been in 5th place they currently hold 2nd place in ABP. However other than the Northern Empire they do not seem to be taking on any other alliance but rather just conquering from whichever alliance might be on their territory.

Morning Glory
Midnight Glory

451st (MoG)
3rd (MiG)
448th (MoG)
13th (MiG)
Battle Points
ABP - 315,461 (MoG) 69,552(MiG)
DBP - 142,151 (MoG) 53,372(MiG)

Last week we learned that Morning Glory was at war with Beltaine, however there hasn't been any conquests since the 21st which might suggest that they agreed on a cease fired or ended the war. They both nearly the same number of cities in Ocean 45 which is where their core is located. Had this war continued it would have been a great show to watch.

[SUP]All stats are as of 10:30 28/04/2014[/SUP]

Tidal Surge
A lot of members from Zombies joined either TS or TS2, what is been done to insure their protection since most of them are located in Ocean 54?
Well you should first know that they left Zombies because their alliance collapsed until a leadership that viewed themselves as gods and treated their members like . When we took them in, Zombies dissolved the pact that we previously had without discussion. For our new members safety and as a warning to all unfair leaders, started an OP that finished Zombies off. We plan on doing that to any corrupt leadership we hear of.

Second question, did you expected to acquire first place since the alliance was established well after the world had started?
Hehe, bet no one did. Experience will show and we are confident that our leadership can hold a top place. I myself have lead extensively and won games, just not this one yet. What matters is that OBP!

Now that we are in the topic of Battle Points, how would you rate your opposition so far? I am talking about the alliances you have gone to war with such as Tequila Shots/Sunrise/Mockingbird.
They've defended pretty weakly, to be honest we're trying to get a good fight. Tequila was an easy one, they were cocky and wouldn't support their members much. Although I think they are more now, their still a tad cocky and I don't like it about them(Tidal Surge and Tequila have a good back story). Our goal up until about a week ago was just clearing out our ocean and killing everyone which hasn't been hard. For the larger players we'll just plan a couple of OPs

There is still a lot of real state left in Ocean 64 to take before you can have complete control of it; however, has it been decided which ocean you plan to take next?
No comment

How do you like Nysa so far?
I think everyone's loving it. I've known of a few people who have quit because of how fast paced it is. But heroes and speed make the most exciting worlds.

Any final comments?
The world is up for an exciting turn of events.

Knights who say NI
Why do you need to have 3 alliances? Some say that it is a coward move and that it ruins the game for those involved as well as those that have to deal with it, what do you have to say about this?
We had to create 3 alliance as a result of merge with grumpy trolls.We played with them as enemies in rethymnos and their 25 players held off against almost 200 players.
So we wanted them......
In coming week, we will trim the dead weight and will try to take the number down to 2 alliances if possible.
Summer is coming and you will see 30-40% of people leaving them game.All of the pros will be left by then.

I looks like the war against HUSARIA will come to an end, how would rate this war? Do you think it helped/prepared your new members for the wars to come?
Husaria were new to En server, came from polish server.We offered a NAP in second week of server, but they refused making us go at full war with them.With war ending, we loosed 1 inactive city, they loosed plenty.But they played as a team, didn't quit the server till it was hopeless.
It helped our members, they are now making nukes instead of small sized troops.

Did you as a leader learned anything from it?
Since there was very small resistance from husaria, i don't think they made me learn anything.

Been spread out over two oceans puts your alliance in greater danger than if you were more compacted, do you think this will become a problem as time goes and alliances become more powerful and begin claiming control over their area? is our headache, so from day we are trying to make our core.By now most of 2+ cities people have a city in core.ocean 53 will not produce any major threats expect nazgul.54-55 cities is a problem, but we have solved it considerably.

Acid Reign
You recently picked up a lot of members from The Dark Side who were located in oceans 44 and 45, is that the direction in which the alliance will be moving or will those players have to relocate toward your core?
I think we will keep our intended 'direction' to ourselves for now. But if you map our alliance now you will see that we have secured our position around the centre of the map. TDS kinda just completed the circle.

How would you rate the war against BLOOD CROWN? Did you expected it to end the way it did? Did it taught you and the alliance anything new?
BC war ended too quickly yes. Their diplomatic ties with allies were not strong enough and they knew their support network was not there so they had to fold or be annihilated. They were working on a merger with Warlords to try and save themselves but they waited too long to effectively pull it off and lost many players to other alliances along the way. Yes we expected them to crumble under pressure because we knew all this. Nothing surprising in it for us.

It looks like you have decided to go after HARPOON, why did you waited until now? Based on your first Op against them will it be a walk in the park or will have they shown any resistance?
We only waited to move on HARPOON because we had war with both BC and Zombies (Who were initially allied with BC) and we wanted to secure our core against those two first. As it turns out Zombies also crumbled under pressure when they were singled out for destruction by every alliance around around them. We had not even started to target them in a coordinated fashion ourselves. Two wars over without us really lifting a finger. The Warlords merge for BC meant we put a cease fire in place so they could complete the moves. Leaving us without any targets for a weekend op. So - onto HARPOON. Their biggest player W3STY had been attacking our members for a while so they brought it on themselves really.

Likely they will attempt to relocate now. Either that or we will wipe them out in the coming week/s I guess. I don't think they will find enough backing from other allies to resist us very well. Although they have managed some admiral CS snipes. (A few in 3 second gaps so well done them.)

Your sister alliance is a bit spread out from the core, has this brought any unwanted attention?
Sister alliance locations - No it hasn't. All is well.

And lastly, what do you think of the Grepolis Triangle? Have any ships been lost while cruising through that area?Grepolis triangle is a deep and ancient mystery. We have noticed several of our enemies attacks came in unescorted across that zone. But it's not just ships. A flight of four Acid Reign manticores disappeared in mysterious circumstances over that area just recently as well. Our intelligence division is investigating but the information they are uncovering is classified Ultra Top Secret.

You are one of the few alliances that does not have a sister alliance, why not? What do you think of those that do have sister alliances?
Hmm... this is a very good question. I would say it is important to build a team before an alliance and every alliance leader should think about that phrase before pushing the 'found alliance' button. Specifically, here are a few reasons:

1. This game isn't about how many members you have so much as how active you are and how well you all cooperate (think quality over quantity). Grepolis alliances only need about 40-50 members to be self-sustaining in the long run, and a well-run 40 player alliance has the ability to fight 10 times that number of disorganized players. We saw this in the early servers and despite all the little changes in the game that mechanic remains the same. Granted, a large well-run alliance has an advantage over a small well-run alliance but that's just a game of numbers, and that small, elite alliance can still make itself too costly for the larger alliance to wage war against it.

2. Small alliances with few members are incredibly fun! You actually have the ability to get to know each teammate and know them well. If you recruit right and build the team correctly you can rely on every member and small teams like that can weather greater adversity than large alliances.

3. If you have an academy/sister alliance why would you need to rely on pact alliances? And by that logic, why should your pacts think you value that pact relationship when you already have another alliance that you'd prefer to rely on? An sister alliance is often an indication that you don't have long-term plans with your 'pacts' and really those pacts are just a way to keep your 'friends' busy while you kill them off one-by-one.

4. Player spies in academy alliances are like kids in candy shops. You can be fairly certain that at any given time you'll find a couple in one and usually it's because the players don't feel like valued members of the alliance.

5. When you're one of four alliances in the top 12 without an academy good players notice that. Recruiting good players (normally difficult) becomes fairly easy in what becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. In the particular circumstances we found ourselves in Nysa that tactic worked in our favor.

Anyhow sister branches are a whole can of worms and when you open them you often find them to be more trouble than they're worth.

The Dark Side is now history thanks to you and Warlords, were the two of you working together or did you just happen to target them simultaneously?
Regarding the first question, I'm not at liberty to discuss that at this time.

Did you as a leader learned anything new as a result of the war against TDS? Do you think it had any effect on the alliance as a whole?
I don't think it dawned on us what we'd accomplished until after the fact. You have to understand how many pacts and friends TDS maintained in Nysa and how cocky that made them. You have to understand that they were actively supporting Beltaine when we Op'd that alliance two days prior, and nobody thought we were prepared to wage a war on TDS with such a short time to rebuild. We caught TDS with their pants down and the Pandas really pulled together as a team. It is a huge morale boost for 45 players in to take 20 cities in a 36 hour span of time so early in the server (Warlords also took about a dozen cities and deserve credit for taking TDS down with us). We even caught support coming in from Tidal Surge players, Beltaine players and Knights who say NI players in those cities we captured. In two days TDS lost a quarter of it's point score through pure city loss and that is a sign for every member of our alliance that we did well. Because a picture tells a thousand words:





Spot The Difference


Last Week Winner: devious greedy dee
Prize: 1 Happiness Spell + 1 Population Growth Spell + 10 Weeding Spells

Note: If you no longer wish to play this world choose a number and the prize will go to whoever picked that number last week.
Rules: Choose a number between 1 and 4.
1 = 1 Happiness Spell
2 = 100 BP
3 = 5 Weeding Spells
4 = Surprise

Thank you for reading this week issue!
World News - Druvi
In-Depth - C4R105
Interviews - C4R105
Fun Section - C4R105
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bookmarked it will read it later. only read a few interviews. nice job as always.

i'll go with number 3

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Grumpy Trolls say NI-Not a sister alliance of knights.


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We plan on doing that to any corrupt leadership we hear of.

my intell says that zombies had a fair few drama queens, proplem is leopards dont change there spots and drama just seems to follow some people from alliance to alliance. lets hope tidal surge did not gain the drama queens or there leadership maybe the next to be demonised.

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