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Hello all!

Okay since we don't want to see the forums dead.I'm gonna hold a debate here.This better not be a useless thread :D
Hopefully everyone will partake!

So how it works

  • A debate on a in-game topic will be posted here Every well 5 days lets say.
  • I'll post the link to each start of the debate on this first posts.

All Debates and link to start of Debate

  1. Is "Zero Tolerance" really an MRA?
  2. 2nd Debate~Does Alliances like "Ocean 44 Federation" Ruin the game for new players? & Alliance Refugee Policy
  3. How Much Will The Easter Event Mess With Rankings etc

1st debate...

Is "Zero Tolerance" really an MRA?
Facts to remember
  • Zero Tolerance having a good Average
  • Rank 4th ABP
  • Even the academy is in the Top 12 ABP rankings!
Let the debate begin ;)
I'll state my opinion later
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The Spitze

They are an off-Brand MRA....much like the Silver Power-Rangers or Dino-Golden-Crunch Breakfast flakes. They're amazing because their cheap and easy to get at first...then they slowly disappear....almost in the same way that Druvi made my hopes and dreams disappear.

Zero Point

MRA is just a type of recruiting stratergy. while a lot of MRA's fail some are massive successes.

ive spoken with a vet player I know who gave a less than favourable description of zero's forums and organisation.

so as this is one of my pet hates in grepo ill say this, zero tolerance are defo an mra but mra is a recruiting stratergy ,the term has become senonimus with bad alliances and is now slang for a rubbish team and that part of the story is still to be determined


the term has become senonimus with bad alliances and is now slang for a rubbish team and that part of the story is still to be determined
Well the fact that 98 of there members have the same abp as impact tells the story for me, this alliance should be flying at this point.


We need some ZT members here to make this interesting.

Anyhow my take,

Yeah ZT are a MRA( bad term though not the recruitment strategy)You can bring a few or all members from another world that does not mean they have to play in the same alliance.Why play with the same group all the time?If you were to bring all 200 members would have you guys made 5 alliances??
But you got to respect the fact that they're still doing a pretty good job staying in the top 12 ABP alliances.But all ZT will make are enemies and soon start to sink fast.


Bullet points to add to this Debate.....

ZT has 98 members within 2 academies? If this was a 100 pop world would ZT still be an MRA?

If this world had a 15 member alliance cap, I think you would see multiple alliances with academies (some with 2, 3, or 4+) would these be MRAs?

Do academies make an alliance an MRA? If not, would a 200 member alliance be an MRA in a world with a 500 member alliance cap?

I guess it comes down to your recruitment methods and standards. To me, if you send everyone with 200pts an invite till hit you the cap, only to open another alliance till you hit the cap (and continue process) then yes you are an MRA. However, since both ZT alliances are amongst the top.. I'd say they are being somewhat selective and/or choosing the pick of the litter amongst recruited players.

... At the end of the day I'd say it's too early to tell. We will see how they hold up in a few weeks.


This alliance needs to do more to be discussed as a good alliance, so I'm calling em a mra.
I agree they need to show theyre back bone in a proper war to see if their players have got balls of steel or a white flag, any alliance with academy's within the first week is automatically MRA

Zero Point

god I do an explination and still every one uses the wrong terminology they mass recruited so they are an mra that don't make them rubbish they have a second branch, EN one of the top teams ever has 4 on another server.

an opinion should be more than repeating other people rhetoric

if the stay with some style or if they fail with non will settle this in due time but having x amount of players and or academies are not clear indicators anymore grepo has evolved when top premades have second branches

perm ban and pg, grepo addicts and rehab, EN and co then you need to rethink you old school tactics!


i have also gotten word from experienced friend of mine that the leadership is a joke
and seems like kids making the policy
so in my opinion i dont think they will last
i see the academy breaking off to their own alliance when the main alliance folds
i believe MRA is one of the most over used and misunderstood phrases on the external forums
so will not call them that
but they seem to be a junior leadership who will be tested and i think they will have a very difficult time holding things together
dealing with that many players is learned skill and organization is a must
so best of luck ZT
but i am not holding my breath
(or blinking)