Newspaper Nysa News Issue #1


Hello all and thanks for reading the first issue of Nysa News! The topics we will be covering today are:

World News

Core Ocean Breakdown

War Stats


World News

The first major headline in the world this week was the collapse of Tidal Surge. An alliance that held the number 1 rank in points and fighters, which many believed to be one of the best in this world, finally fell apart after being full of internal problems. The fall of TS began when several of their top players ghosted out of the world and the rest were left unsure of what to do. Over the next couple of weeks TS fell down the rankings slowly until just recently when they collapsed.
They have not been officially dissolved but almost all the players that are left are on VM or inactive.

As for TS' sister alliances, TS2 has been disbanded after the leader there left to join Knights. Tidal Death left the family when they saw it was crumbling and formed Inglorious Basterds where they went it alone for a few days until they too merged into Knights. Tidal Pain still remains basically untouched, more or less the same alliance it was before TS collapsed. However they are no longer a part of the Tidal family and it is unsure what side they plan to fight on.

Some other news that happened this week was the breaking of what was an apparent NAP between Dragons Legion and New World Order. For quite some time these two alliances had been fighting pretty good until it seemed to just entirely stop for a week or so. I am unsure of why they originally NAPed, but it is definitely over now with several cities switching hands between the alliances.

Although I can only assume why this NAP was broken, my best guess would be it was due to the fact that DL merged in Clueless Noobs who NWO had been at war with and taking lots of cities from.

The only other major news of the week is 2 big successful ops that have been difference-makers in the current ongoing wars. The first was from The League of Legions against hata an fhir, with TLoL taking around 20 cities. The majority of this onslaught was directed at Killer-DS who lost an astounding 10 cities while being bumped to the #12 defender in the world.

The second major op that went on was from hata an fhir to Knights who say NI, and specifically Queen Viv. At the time of writing this the former #1 player in the world has lost 19 cities in just over 24 hours with the total still rising. Queen Viv has now dropped to #3 in the world after losing such a large amount of cities.

Core Ocean Breakdown
Note - all numbers include sisters/academies

An ocean currently being battled for between New World Order and Dragons Legion with hata just having their toes in the water. Appears as though for now DL has a slight edge in the territory controlled.


Dragons Legion - 540 Cities
New World Order - 361 Cities
hata an fhir - 129 Cities

Main War - NWO with some help from hata VS. DL
A war that has just recently restarted after it appeared as though DL and NWO had a NAP in place for awhile. This ocean appears as though it will be hotly contested for quite some time.


At present a very peaceful ocean that is occupied by alliances who are pacted with each other. The only real fighting here is occurring on the outskirts of the ocean with some enemies being nearby.


hata an fhir - 578 Cities
Morning Glory - 503 Cities
HARPOON - 72 Cities

Main War - There is no real war in the actual ocean, the wars are all happening in neighbouring oceans from these cities.


Far and away the most exciting ocean right now. Full of fighting from every direction, if you're in Nysa this is the place to be. The top three alliances here right now are The League of Legions, Tidal Pain and hata an fhir, but nearly every major alliance in this world has some sort of presence here that is being fought for, a very highly contested ocean.


The League of Legions - 560 Cities
hata an fhir - 421 Cities
Tidal Pain - 281 Cities

Main War - hata VS. TLoL & Knights
Both sides have been going at it for quite a bit, with plenty of cities exchanging hands. No one seems to have been able to get the upper hand here yet. Tidal Pain is sort of a wild card here as they are no longer a part of the Tidal family it is uncertain where their loyalties are.


Another very exciting ocean full of war, predominantly in the southern end. Similarly to O55, most of the major alliances in the world have at least a few cities here. The main alliances in the area are however Knights, DL, and hata.


Knights who say NI - 907 Cities
Dragons Legion - 324 Cities
hata an fhir - 280 Cities

Main War - Knights with some help from DL VS. hata
Another war where both sides are losing and taking cities fairly evenly, seems to be the case in most of the wars going on in this world right now.

War Stats

There seems to be one main war going on in the world right now.
Hata, NWO, MG & HARPOON VS. Knights, DL, Clocks, & TLoL. Here I will break down the conquers over the last week for each alliance and as a grand total.

Keep in mind that I will not include TS in any of these stats because of their collapse. Any takes over the past 5 or 6 days shouldn't be counted as they had pretty much sank by then.

hata an fhir

hata 19 - 16 Knights
hata 3 - 4 DL
hata 5 - 37 TLoL
hata 0 - 0 Clocks

hata 27 - 57 Enemies

New World Order

NWO 34 - 1 DL
NWO 0 - 0 Knights
NWO 0 - 0 TLoL
NWO 0 - 0 Clocks

NWO 34 - 1 Enemies​

Morning Glory

MG 0 - 1 Knights
MG 0 - 2 DL
MG 0 - 0 TLoL
MG 0 - 0 Clocks

MG 0 - 3 Enemies


HARPOON 1 - 0 Knights
HARPOON 0 - 0 Clocks

HARPOON 2 - 0 Enemies

Knights who say NI

Knights 16 - 19 hata
Knights 0 - 0 NWO
Knights 1 - 0 MG
Knights 0 - 1 HARPOON

Knights 17 - 20 Enemies

Dragons Legion

DL 4 - 3 hata
DL 1 - 34 NWO
DL 2 - 0 MG

DL 7 - 37 Enemies

The League of Legions

TLoL 37 - 5 hata
TLoL 0 - 0 NWO
TLoL 0 - 0 MG

TLoL 37 - 6 Enemies


According to these numbers they have zero takes against the enemies listed. This is because they are very far from most of their enemies. Their numbers would be a lot higher if I included TS in these numbers, but I didn't include them because any recent conquers should not count as they will have been too easy. However if I were to use old numbers from say last week, they were giving to TS pretty good. I mean no disrespect to anyone in Clocks who may see this.

Grand Total

hata, NWO, MG, and HARPOON 63 - 61 Knights, DL, TLoL, & Clocks


With Euphraxia of hata an fhir

Overall, how has your alliance done so far in this world?

Hata has a solid core of experienced players and friends who make it an absolute pleasure, and honour, to both play alongside and lead them, I could not ask for a better group of players :) Overall, looking at our BP rankings for a relatively new alliance in comparison to those who have been established from the start we are performing well.

Did you specifically choose your positioning and how has it affected/will it affect your alliance's success here?

We chose our core location before the world started, ask Knights why they decided to purposely avoid the area they knew we'd be landing in and set up home as far away as possible in the north-east of O54 :)

In your opinion, how is your war against |Knights, TLoL, & DL going?

Need I say more than Viv? We are not only fighting and holding our own against Knights though, we are at war on many fronts. LoL/LoM finally got off their fence, I guess they were perhaps a little saddle sore, and decided to join forces with Knights and DL. LoL/LoM have had some success against us, primarily taking peripheral cities and/or those belonging to inactive members. Whilst, Florian of T versus DL keeps many of us highly entertained, with his rapid growth being thanks entirely to their futile attempts to take his cities and defend their own against him.

Recently your alliance has had a very successful op against Queen Viv of Knights who say NI. What do you think caused this op to be so successful?

Our success was partially down to the location of Viv's cities and great team work on the part of our alliance's members. It was equally a result of Viv failing to maintain or update defense posts in Knight's forum (some revolted cities were not even listed) and especially down to her failure to support others in the past, to quote a member of knights "I saw in skype she had 190+ attacks incoming - yet she never helped me defend, so wasn't going to help her".

Any final thoughts?

This world is still young and no doubt there will be many more twists and turns before we are done here. There are some very good alliances growing on the rims who will no doubt have a part to play in the final outcome of the server and should not be overlooked or disregarded at this stage.

With Jolis II of Dragons Legion

Overall, how has your alliance done so far in this world?

I think Dragons have done pretty well. Has been some key players out on VM for a while which slowed us down a bit but back on track now. :)

Did you specifically choose your positioning and how has it affected/will it affect your alliance's success here?

Well, since we started at the very beginning we knew we would be in the thick of things from day one so we made it a goal to try and secure a good foothold in O44 away from the very middle of the world to give us a strong backline.

In your opinion, how is your war against NWO going?

Hasn't even begun yet! There has been a lot of political rubbish and our own efforts have not been concentrated against them in any concerted way. That may change soon though, who knows? We have certainly held our own well enough against them without too much effort anyway.

Right now your alliance has five branches. Such mass recruiting is often frowned upon by many people. Why do you have so many players and what would you say to these people who don't agree with this tactic?

At first it was an attempt to give a few players a chance in the game, but we are weeding out quite a few that are not showing an inclination to progress at a speed commensurate with a speed 3 world. In the very near future we will drastically condense and will be in line with other NYSA alliances.

As for what I say to those who label others as MRA's... I am really sick of hearing the term, whether applied to enemies or alliances I am a part of. Simple fact is 50 players on their own would be very hard pressed to win a world. Everyone has pacts, but the easiest way to be sure of loyalty and true cooperation is to do it under one name.

Going back to the question of how well dragons have done, would revise my response to say the following:
Actually they have performed exceptionally well so far. With all non premade alliances there has been a growing curve, but if you take a closer look at the stats Dragons have hovered around the top 5 for over a month. Currently Dragons are ranked as the #6 alliance in attacker bp and #4 in overall fighter bp. Pretty impressive for an alliance currently outside of the top 5.

Any final thoughts?

Dragons will be here to then end. Our Legions are proud and loyal and a great group of friends. We look forward to the many battles ahead.

With whathell of The League of Legions

Overall, how has your alliance done so far in this world?

well being here still says something in my eyes
Ocean 55 was fierce Ocean to drop into and many large alliances with skilled players/leaders have come and gone while we have stayed
for us to carve out a section of Ocean 55 and keep the majority of cities in 55 while expanding and taking more Oceans says a lot about the quality of players we have and how they work as a team

Did you specifically choose your positioning and how has it affected/will it affect your alliance's success here?

well it put on the defensive right out of the as well as several others 1st cities was on an Island 178033 island just below most of the AR players starting cities and they wanted that island very bad and came after me and our alliance very hard the 1st day out of Beginners Protection...and through their constant attacks we had a rough start and growth was slow while defending...and we where forced to fall back a bit and reform a core set of islands which worked well for us to spread out was to our advantage that AR had such an aggressive start though as many alliances wanted to work together against them ..i had been out of the game since half way through Myonia when i fell ill ...I had just returned a couple months before this world and played in Apollonia for bit while i tried to tracked down my old gang and wait for a speed 3/Revolt world to the formation of my alliance here was slower then usual...but many old friends either found me or i had found them somewhere in the game, external, skype or just sending out invites to the world through their player name... i was very lucky to find so many of my friends that have been with me since Chi as well as other loyal players that have played with us in the past worlds...many people in the externals have labeled us an MRA...but we have had a strict recruiting policy in this world and 90% of our players we have either know from past worlds or have been referred by a current member...and besides a couple small merges into us we have picked up few players we did not know already and those players faced an extended interview to gain entry to the alliance

In your opinion, how is your war against hata going so far?

that i wont comment much on except hata is a very good alliance with a lot of great players and heavy hitters and we have had fun battling a good alliance

Up until recently your alliance was hanging back out of the fighting and taking a slightly more defensive stance while establishing territory. How have you liked this more aggressive and war-oriented strategy so far?

just like any alliance we have aggressive players and defensive is always fun to see the different personalities in this game...many are so restless to get into so many wars right off the bat and they dont pace themselves ...this is a long game/world and there will always be plenty of wars so no need to try and fight them all at once...i prefer to establish a core set of islands to start from...and to me it is important to take lots of cities in your starting area in the beginning of a world every island is full of cities and many people turn their noses up at the smaller cities so to fill islands we start a bit slow cause it takes longer to develop those cities but once they are done you can explode outwards...also it gives time for drama players and the flash in the pan players to clear out

Any final thoughts?

not that i can think of now...if i think of anything else i will send it

With Stirlo of HARPOON

Overall, how has your alliance done so far in this world?

We've had our up and downs and as ever are pretty slow starters. We're just find our feet and gaining some momentum now though.

Did you specifically choose your positioning and how has it affected/will it affect your alliance's success here?

We came under heavy fire right from the off which is par for the course for this alliance. We made the decision to strategically withdraw from the core where our players were hugely spread out and re-establish ourselves in O56. We feel we've put ourselves in the best position we could.

In your opinion, how is your war against Janissaries going?

I wouldn't call it a war. Just a prudent removal of what we know are very active players. Some are former HARPOON who we have a lot of time for but we'll give them a tonne of BP and they can relocate to play with the alliances they have come here to play with. They will take some shifting but it'll happen.

Early on in this world your alliance was nearly killed off when several alliances started hitting you pretty good. Why do you think your alliance has done so well to persevere and return as a power here?

I think its just down to a bit of perseverance and knowing that ultimately this is a game, battles can be lost, you can seem dead and buried but as long as you don't get rimmed those battle points gained can be turned into more cities. For a long time we were one of the top defensive alliances. That BP has been converted into cities are we are stronger than ever for it. I think once out core of players who have been together for literally years gets to a certain size then the tide can turn quite quickly. We're almost at that size now and i only expect us to get faster and faster as this world goes on at gaining BP and more importantly gaining cities. Sometimes you just have to adapt and do some good old fashioned diplomacy too!

Any final thoughts?

I think everyone just needs to remember that what happens in game isn't a personal assault and that sometimes things go for you and sometimes against. I've been as guilty as the next person for venting frustrations but age and indifference is catching up with me. This is my last world though before i hang up the sword so would just like to say i have the greatest respect for everyone who i've fought with and against and that from my side of things nothing i've done has ever been personal even though it might seem that way! Good luck to everyone.

With furneaux of The Delos Elite

Overall, how has your alliance done so far in this world?

That remains to be seen we have only been here 12 weeks and it will be another 15 months to the end game but our growth has been good

Did you specifically choose your positioning and how has it affected/will it affect your alliance's success here?

Yes we chose the positioning to a certain extent, it has not affected our development yet but if we have chosen well it may become an important factor later in the game

n your opinion, how is your war against what's left of Clueless Noobs going?

well they are now part of Dragons group but having said that we will take them out and I think thats why they joined them, NWO and Barbarians are also involved so we cannot claim that we will do this alone, you need friends.

Today Dragons and NI,s have countered against us but I think we get the better of the exchanges

o far in this world you guys have been staying out of the main fights and keeping to yourselves. Should we expect anything from you any time soon in regards to this?

I think today answers that question, we have DL1 to the North DL DL3 & DLIII to our South and declined a merge/pact with them over the weekend and cemented our pact with NWO and Barbarians

philvgr81 of Knights who say NI declined to comment.

Well that's about all I have to say this time, thanks again for reading! If anyone has any suggestions about what to change/add in future issues please feel free to tell me, this is my first newspaper and I'm always open for ways to improve it. If this gets decent feedback you should expect another around the same time next week.



Well that was an interesting read Panda. Thanks for taking the time to do that and I hope to see another issue soon


Very bad joke jnc lol.....
Great paper, panda.....about interview with knights leaders...choose spongebath next time.Phil's english is terrible.


its nice to have a paper to read again...great job

i sent ya a +rep

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great work FP

the fact that phil couldn't even comment speak volumes about what I have heard about him

wonderful to know that all those good things people have said are true :)


Well done. I have canceled my weekly delivery and will now read my news here.


Thanks guys :) But not so much for you Jnc :p

And to what phil said, here is a quote of his message: "No and I ask u leave all mbers of knights alone we don't not wish to be interviewed" There's a double negative, I should've taken that as a hint to ask more Knights for interviews.... I was going to talk to Sponge but it seemed like Knights didn't want to have anything at all to do with it. Ah well, I'll get you guys one for the next issue


The reason phil declined is that we normally don't participate in these kind of things.

Overall, how has your alliance done so far in this world?

I don't like to blow our horn and I prefer showing what we can do on the battlefield rather than go at it in a war f words if you will.

I'd say that %80 or more of the cities lost up to now have been inactives that we were recycling but since we seem to have a number of spies within, the info is fed to the other alliances and they get their kicks of conquering cities from the larger alliance that way ;). We have been smart with who we tacted with since the beginning and it has paid off for us up unti now.

I think NI has done amazingly well so far here and I am satisfied with our progress so far.

Did you specifically choose your positioning and how has it affected/will it affect your alliance's success here?

Not sure but we have been in the middle of a fair amount of action since the start so that makes people who like tofight happy.

In your opinion, how is your war against |Fhir, Delos, Harpoon, NWO going?

As far as I'm concerned, these war have not yet even started. The OP from Fhir last weekend was the first real action so far so we shall see. If our wars against The Nazgul and TS are any indication, it should at the very least be interesting.

Recently your alliance has had a very successful op against Queen Viv of Knights who say NI. What do you think caused this op to be so successful?

The question wasn't directed at us but...

After the merger of AR into NI, it left a few players quite exposed on a number of islands filled with red flags so this type of thing was to be expected. We will adjust and the next one should be more interesting :).

Any final thoughts?

There are still a few alliances with very talented players out there so I am hoping that the world will be sustainable for the next 11-12 months. If the Fhir leaderswhip can keep their members happy, it should provide for some very good fights to come. This is my last world after we win 73 and possibly 77, I will retire from the game but in the meantime, I intend on helping the leadership of NI to provide a victory on this world, whoever the winning alliance is, I will do everything in my power to make it one of our pacts or ourselves and up until now, things are running pretty smoothly :)



P.S. this may be my only comments here, busy enough answering all kinds of stuff in game :p


Thanks for adding this Spongebath, I understand why some people prefer to stay out of the propaganda but its necessary for a balanced view for those outside.

Y'know, I'm sure Phil was in NR back in Troy but he's disappeared from Grepostats now. Sometimes I wished that one of the stats sites kept historical data


I was indeed MI, I remember your name too ;)

I had to leave before the end before RL collapsed around me. Not because of Grep, but the amount of time I was spending on here was preventing me from getting my arms around the situation. Would have loved to play out until the end, but maybe this time