O44 Regional Spotlight

So about a week ago I posted a google form asking for a vote for a focus post based around the BWN-Black Sails feud, an open debate in the discord world chat between OV, SS, and BWN about spamming, or focus on what the Greeks are doing. As I don't think anyone but them have a clue. And I'm not even sure they fully know what they're doing here. As the week has developed, its turned out that O44 has just gone into a state of chaos not seen since the collapse of Western Rome. That really just makes ***The Greeks*** all the more interesting.

The Map

For anyone under a rock, Spirtum Sancti ran or co-ran a coalition to win the world against Bad With Names. At one point they managed to force Unnatural Selection (M.A.D.) to merge into them. Presumably this was done so they could exclusively focus on Bad With Names, who had turned their eyes on them. The Greeks weren't very satisfied about this and there was a huge back and forth on if they were fighting or not. We know that The Greeks reached out to almost everyone that would listen to fight groups like M.A.D. and Spirtum. But for the most part the interest wasn't there or they reneged so much that the interest was lost. To add to complications Bad With Names was still hammering away at Spirtum Sancti up front, The Greeks were causing trouble up north, and M.A.D. began what looks like a new bid for ocean 44. This is all topped with with Big Papa handing the reigns over hastily and moving to En123. There's also a small group that broke away from Spirtum Sancti called Slackers gaining a little traction in the area.

As ocean 44 stands right now Spirtum Sancti/Silly Rabbits still has the largest city count at 697 towns. The Greeks have the second highest count at 503 towns. M.A.D. have 360 towns. Bad With Names have 277 towns. Balkan Boyz have 114 towns. Slackers have 36 towns. These would be the only people who are actual players for the ocean at this time.

What you now have is a situation where Spirtum Sancti is more or less leaderless and has lost half its ocean to two other factions. At the same time it's lost most of its southern front to Bad With Names. They still have the city count but none of the momentum. The only thing going for them now is that they have a relatively safe area to retreat into. I drew a comparison to Western Rome here and its more or less that. The leader has run into VM. The other leader appears to have defected. And 4 of their top 5 players are also on VM. There's rebellions a foot and outsiders pushing in. There's not really a whole lot to be getting excited about here.

Bad With Names and Balkans keep pushing into the area as well and this civil war certainly will make that easier. They've already taken over 100 towns off of the coalition in this area prior to its breakdown and basically have secured the entire southern strip and the four corners of the world. They also have a good road into the rest of the SS core at the moment. Provided the Vacation Mode blocks aren't too bad. The problem is that if there is a vacation mode wall then they're not really touching Greeks or MAD anytime soon. VM mode lasts minimum 42 days with the option to extend by 14. There's 86 days until Wonders starts. That's a lot of cities to clean up ahead of wonders.

M.A.D. controls the northwest corner of O44 and has a lot of rim real estate. The main question here is can they beat The Greeks in round 2 with the series of significant advantages going their way?

Finally we come to ***The Greeks***. I view this as a nervous bunch. But they seem to have finally manned up and started fighting MAD and Spirtum Sancti. Which is understandable as they can now make a serious claim to Ocean 44. They seem to be taking plenty of cities off of Spirtum Sancti. But its not necessarily hard to kick somebody while they're down. The early returns show MAD winning at the moment in the second round however. So their bid for O44 might not go as well as hoped. It seems that their overall goal may have been to take over Ocean 44 and build the wonders for themselves there all along.

Who do you think will take O44?


All Greeks do is talk, have yet to see a decent offense or even defense from them
Hell the ones on my island aren't even building troops anymore
Is there anyone decent still fighting for O44? I'm personally just using it for bp


flop... you can't talk when half your alliance are in VM because they can't handle 3 days of pressure, not even hard pressure, just 'lets lob a siege here and it'll probably stick because these guys don't use alarms'


Big mouth ZK, like when you first attacked SS and got destroyed ;)

Lets see how the 2nd half goes.

Oh and btw, i was talking to Vik who first talked to me, go back in your cave ;)


flop, the guys who laid into SS originally were from Insomnia, we weren't even close at the time, now we are, look what's happening to you, you're collapsing day by day, losing city by city, it's cute that you think 2nd time round you're gonna win, keep trying tho boo


Whats happening to me? All i see is an lmd taking some cities. Dont brag about it. 2nd round is on, try to keep up this time boo ;)


You have lost multiple cities to:

Tell me, are we all LMD's?

No, so stop embarrassing yourself