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dazlerr close this im dont making a allaince lol

hehe lol,

kk im trying this world out cas ive always being playing revolt and wanna try a conquest for a change so lets go right to it,

im gonna make a alliance in O45 just a normal one not looking to keep it forever it depends on weather some good players will join me so lol here goes


Barista Is a alliance that will welcome all newbies and experienced players with a warm cup of capchino.


*Should have the guts to work at a coffee shop.
*Should attend to work daily!
*Should attend to the Barista forum daily and discuss maters over whatever the coffee you prefer!
*Should always help a fellow Baristarien

This coffee shop is currently based only in O45.


No we arent looking for franchises or Partnerships so unless we contact you dont bother wasting your time contacting us.

One more thing any coffee haters out there?
dont mess with us or you will get yourself burnt!

PM ingame Druvi if youll wanna join. :)
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