Ocean 15 Alliance - selectively recruiting


I am an emissary for Ocean 15 Alliance. We are a very recently founded alliance that has already reached the top 10 of Ocean 15 (number 3 at the time of writing, and still not out of the protected period).

We are looking to recruit active members in Ocean 15, usually no more than the top 3 on each island.

As the alliance name suggests we are specific to this ocean, unlike some other established alliances that recruit across oceans and may not be as well placed to support members in Ocean 15 as we will be in the long run.

By building a strong base of active players (an “elite” alliance as its termed) rather than indiscriminate recruitment, we are aiming to establish a strong tightly located base that can provide strong rapid mutual support, and act as a springboard for future expansion across Upsilon.

If you are an active and ambitious player, and interested in becoming part of this new movement please get in touch.



Be careful, a player named Omar in ocean 15 is a traitor to my alliance.
He has harassed my alliance, so he was kicked for blasphemous words and betrayal.
He is planning on taking the ocean for himself; so I've warned active players in that ocean.
Well, I still need to warn more.


ocean 15 alliance is practically dead!

they merged with the 13th legion aaaaagees ago!
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We certainly did. We went from nothing to the top alliance in Ocean 15, all noobs. Now we are part of the 13th Legion and number 4 in the world, controlling Ocean 15, 16, 25 and now moving into new oceans.